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SEO Quiz May Answer Who’s the Most Knowledgeable SEM Person

SEO Quiz May Answer Who’s the Most Knowledgeable SEM Person

SEOMoz, aka. Randfish, has put together one nice SEO Quiz which was done as a reaction to a recent thread on Search Engine Watch Forums entitled Vote for the Most Knowledgeable SEW Forum Member. So far, Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick and SERoundtable is in the lead, with Danny Sullivan and Marcia close behind. I do admit, I’m not a regular on forums – there’s only so much time in the day and scouring and participating in forums like SEW’s, Sitepoint and Web Master World have fallen to the side a bit. But I forsee more participation this summer. Judging by Rand’s SEO Quiz though, I’d consider him worthy to be on the list.

This is one of the nicest SEO Quizzes I’ve seen since, well since my last Zeal quiz, and I did notice the quiz up on Bill Slawski’s monitor today at work and will be sure to bug him tomorrow for his results (unless he’s writing his own version on usability – which I do not doubt). Oh, here it is : bragadocchio, 26 !

Barry Schwartz pipes in on his SERountable Blog: “If you look at the Leaderboard, you will see some well known forum member’s names. I personally find the “texas holdem – spammer ;)” link to be funny.

Forum discussion on this started mid-way in the thread linked to above. I think it is a fairly good quiz, I have some suggestions for revising some of the questions and answers. Danny Sullivan has his ideas as well, including “I want more. I want a news quiz each month.””

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SEO Quiz May Answer Who’s the Most Knowledgeable SEM Person

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