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SEO Linking : Andy Hagans of TextLinkAds Interview

SEO Linking : Andy Hagans of TextLinkAds Interview

SEO Linking : Andy Hagans of TextLinkAds Interview

For those of you whoare interested in natural linking and its effects on search engine ranking (or search engine optimization), Aaron Wall of SEOBook and has published an insightful interview with Andy Hagans of TextLinkAds. Aaron, who in part claims responsibilty for getting Andy his current position at the company, talks with Andy on Article Marketing, duplicate content issues, links via syndicated content, blogging and link trading.

Here’s an excerpt on international outsourcing of SEO:

Aaron : On many fronts I think outsourcing has a negative connotation similar to SEO. Some people have a sense of nationalistic pride and spew random hate speech at people who outsource. Why do you think they feel that way? Do you feel you pay fairly?

Andy : First, let me tackle the “nationalistic” front. It all comes down to this: I don’t favor Americans, or Englishmen, or Sri Lankans over any other type of people. It irks me that people feel their own countrymen “deserve” jobs anymore than their counterparts 13 timezones over. I am looking for the best person for the job, and the buck stops there. Frankly, all the whining and complaining Americans do makes me less likely to want to hire them!

In reference to pay rates: I do believe I pay a fair wage. Of course, when outsourcing, the point is to save money on wages. One of the things my partners and I routinely look at are average wage figures and purchasing power parity stats for whatever countries we outsource to — we want to make sure we’re paying well above average wages. Firstly, this helps you sleep better at night. More than that, though, better pay helps you get higher quality people.

Actually it’s more than just researching wages — we have to remember to give the Diwali bonus, for instance, rather than the standard Christmas bonus.

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SEO Linking : Andy Hagans of TextLinkAds Interview

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