SEO Is More Important And More Needed Than Ever Before

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The moment there is an update in the search engine algorithms, the pessimists in the SEO industry (and the ones who do not understand the true meaning of SEO) do not miss an opportunity to declare SEO as dead. The last few algorithmic updates have raised the same kind of false alarm by some from the SEO industry.

Before I start to write why SEO is more important and more needed than ever before – Let me assertively affirm that SEO is very much alive and in fact gained more life energies and SEO will remain alive as long as people use search engines to search for quality information for the quest of knowledge.

Google lately has been penalizing sites which have low-quality content, spammy and bought links or have used other methods which go against their norms and hamper the display of quality search results. This has affected the rankings of many sites and the blogosphere is full of posts on how they have been affected especially by the Google Panda Update.

This has been taken negatively by some and people have come to the conclusion that SEO is no longer going to work. But I am of the opinion that if the shift in the rankings is causing such a stir in everyone’s mind, then it only proves that organic search has got a very important place in the whole online marketing scenario. In order to rank in the organic search your site needs to be optimized. Hence SEO is very much needed.

The following study conducted in Jan. 2011 proves that yet people give more importance to organic search:

Description: organic-search1.gif

Google has raised the quality standards for SERPs – hence only sites which did not meet their quality ranking factors were affected; the rest remain unaffected or were marginally affected for some keywords.

When Google started integrating social results with search, as people are sharing an interaction platform via micro blogging on Twitter and Facebook , again the death of SEO was predicted and announced by some who also predicted that social media is replacing search but again to just go in vain.

The search is getting supplemented by social and not getting replaced by search. As social media and all the user generated content is adding the opinions and voice to the topics which are being searched.

Hence it can be said that your optimized site says what you want to say about yourself and company but social media is what the people say about you. When both the versions are in sync, the credibility is established.

The search engines continuously work on the quality of search results – hence the weight given to ranking factors keeps changing.

SEO means adapting your site to the norms and ranking factors of the search engines in order to be found in the search engines. Hence SEO is all the more in demand.

SEO is not dead but yes, it is getting more challenging and has started to gain its true place on the online marketing scenario. SEO is not dead but it has matured, evolved and now demands a quality web presence along with a quality content-rich website.

Bharati Ahuja
+Bharati Ahuja is founder WebPro Technologies India, SEO Trainer and Speaker, Web Entrepreneur, Blog Writer, Internet Marketing Consultant. Follow her on twitter @webprotech
Bharati Ahuja
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  • SEO has most certainly matured and reached a new level. From most of my interactions, SEO is still highly desired amongst business owners, so to say it is dead isn’t based on the needs of people. Thanks again for writing.

  • SEO will never truly die, even if the definition of what SEO includes changes. As the search engines incorporate new algorithms, methods and tactics will have to adapt to meet the new criteria. This doesn’t mean that SEO is dead, it’s just evolving. As long as people are using search engines to find information, SEO will live on.

    • Pragya Thakur

      SEO algorithm is dead, long live the algorithm!

  • I liked your description of how “your optimized site content is what you say about your business, and how social media is what other say about you…” The idea that when those align, you gain a lot of credibility: kind of brilliant. I think that’s a great way to explain the connection between a company’s site and its social media. Getting those two messages to sync up as organically as possible is a great goal.

  • SEO for some is is very simple now. Since Google’s local search has jumped to the forefront, all you have to do is buy a post office box in the city you want to show up for and a set of keywords that you are using and instantly out of no where you are up front and center on google for a particular search. I have seen some companies that have done this and now are taking the spots of the real local businesses in that area. Some of the businesses doing this are not even in the same state and others are hours away. It is terrible. But as I said, SEO can be a lot easier for some now. Is it needed? Yes! But how do you compete with the unscrupulous.

    • 949sem

      Buying a PO box in another community works only for outbound service providers e.g. swimming pool service. Merchants or service providers relying on inbound customers i.e. accountants, cannot have customers showing up at Mail Boxes Etc. expecting to have their income taxes prepared. Imagine the resulting flames!

      • Yes it only works for outbound services but there are many outbound services. My business happens to be one. So a competitor gets this PO Box and it works fine because the customer doesn’t meet you at the PO Box place. Some business this won’t work as you said but there are plenty that this will work for. The companies that this will work for are the ones that can abuse this and I know because one of my competitors has done this. I guess my real question is, do the developers at Google know about this ( I assume they do) and what can they do about it.

  • Nirav Barot

    First of all i would like to say thank you very much to Bharati Ahuja for this post. As since last long time i have been heard that as per Google panda’s update is this the END of the SEO industry?. While Google instant was launched I saw the full video of the lunching and the part of the FAQs one person arise a question that “Is this the END of SEO ?” while Google instant has nothing to do with SEO. Infect I also found that when ever Google makes any changes to their algo or any updates! The first question arise is “Is this the END of SEO ?” I don’t figured it out why people are think Negatively towards SEO !

    This post is the strong Answers to all those who have the negative thoughts in their minds about SEO.. I must recommended this post to all of them..

    and @Bharati I am really thank full to you as this post make a very good positive impact to all the SEOs mind. It’s motivate me to stay long in SEO ! and so as for all SEOs I guess ! 🙂

  • Hi this is nice post thank you for share this information I really like it. Search engine optimization for some is actual simple now. Since Google’s bounded seek has jumped to the forefront, all you accept to do is buy a column meeting box in the city-limits you wish to look up for and a set of keywords that you are application and instantly out of no area you are up foreground and centermost on Google for a accurate search. Best luck keep posting.

  • Yes, those are excellent points. SEO IS ALIVE AND IS FOREVER. Great, absolutely.

    I appreciate your thoughts and points. Finally I saw someone speaking about SEO and its uses.

    SEO will obviously be alive until internet is alive or atleast until search engines are alive.

  • SEO will never be dead as long as there are websites out there who wants to get maximum exposure for their sites by being at the top of the search rankings. But the fact is, with the new algorithm, it is back to square one thus I go back to banner advertising for the meantime to get maximum exposure. I did get advancedwebads to do the trick for my website with their unlimited impressions and clicks for a flat monthly fee.

  • As Long as Search Engines are Live on the Web world, SEO is alive so dont get in to prespection that is SEO is dead

  • SEO UK

    Great post – thanks for sharing! SEO isn’t dead because it is so crucial to online businesses. Social networking is important, however SEO gets businesses daily enquiries, and business owners are unlikely to turn down something like that – something so beneficial to the growth of their business.

  • Great post and yes there is not a signal chance that SEO will come to end as it a kind of service and service never ends yes there form changes.But is a nature of development.