SEO Is Like the Doctor, War and Cricket

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Today I want to share something on SEO. Here I am comparing SEO with Doctors, Farmers, War and Cricket.

  • SEO is like Doctors
  • SEO is like Farmers
  • SEO is like War
  • SEO is like Cricket

[Note : This is a fun Friday piece from Gunjan, it may not be the best grammar, but the comparisons are cute 🙂 – Loren]

SEO is like the Doctor:

Why I am comparing them with Doctors? There are so many similarities in SEOs and Doctors. Doctors analyzing the health of the Human body. While SEOs analysing the health of the Website like how much pages site have, how many back links site have, how many years old website, What is PR of the website etc.

After the analysing the health of the human body doctors gives the medicine or treatment and after the analysing of website SEO gives the treatment to website like need to increase back links, need to change meta details, need to change content etc. Sometimes the doctor can see the result of medicine if that medicine is not effective for that human then the doctor will change the medicine.

Same is the case of SEO they will also see the result of their work after some times. If that treatment is not effective for website then they will start other treatment or experiment. Sometimes for doctors some of diseases are new and there are no medicines for that disease, same in case of SEO sometimes there are some of issues are new and may be there are no cure.

SEO is like a Farmer:

As everyone knows farmer mostly depend on the rain and if rain good than farmers will get good. But in some cases if rain not there than they have to lost. Same we can compare SEO with them SEO do everything for their websites which suggested according to Google Webmaster Guide. But stand it in top 10 SERP listing mostly depend on Google. So here Google is like rain for SEOs. So SEO is like the Farmer.

SEO is like War:

Links are as a Soldiers and Websites as Weapons. In war every army trying to protect their areas and cover others area same like in SERP we are trying to get ranking up and want to come up and up in Google SERP. For getting ranking up in Google SERP we are fighting with our competitors. Now in War every army analyzing the strategy of enemy army like what kind of strategy they have developed and what kind of weapons they are using.

Same in SEO; our competitors are analyzing our websites like how we have done optimization of our websites, strength of the websites, content and code optimization etc. In SEO links are like soldiers. In War every army increase the soldiers for win the war same in case of SEO people are increasing the links for getting their ranking up or beat competitors. SEO is a constant war for Websites.

SEO is like Cricket:

Here I am comparing SEO with Cricket. Because Cricket is also a team game and SEO is also team work. In Cricket there is different team members like Batsman, Bowler, Fielder, Wicket Keeper and Empire. In SEO also there are different team members like blogger, content writer, link builder, web designer, web developer and server administrator. In Cricket all decision taking by Empire and in the SEO Empire, it’s Google. Google is taking the decision about your website that you website place on 1st page or 2 page or not. So SEO is like Cricket.

  • What does SEO mean to you and what else would you compare it to?
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  • Gaunisum Eenrate

    In my opinion SEO person like a mother. And website is like his child. From childhood mother give her children best of the best things, knowledge and everything she can give. And according to me mother take most part in person’s future. If mother give her child good things he/she will become good person but if give her I mean teach them bad thing than you know who they are. But you know some time if mother gave that entire thing although that child becomes terrorist, thief, robbers. In sort if mother gave her best of the best although some time her child become terrorist, thief, robbers
    I will not take your more time just complete in one sentence.
    Same in SEO if some time SEO gave her/his best although site not perform well.

  • Gunjan Pandya


    You have mentioned good example of mother and son with SEO and website

  • Ottayan


    When you compare SEO to cricket, you left out one important factor, in cricket, the third umpire.

    To explain further, you can appeal to the third umpire to over rule a field umpires decision. However in 99% of the case the third umpire backs the field umpire.

    You can compare it to google’s dreaded sandbox.

  • swapna


    Very interesting article


  • Gunjan Pandya


    Thanks Ottayan for your nice comment.

    Your comment regarding my comparison with SEO is like Cricket.

    You mentioned about that third empire, but friend for SEO search engine is only one umpire there is no like leg umpire or third umpire. Whatever decision taken by Search engine is final no one can change.

    Everybody can appeal but decision taken by only Search Engine.

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    Nice comparison about SEO! Spread the world with SEO.


  • Raghavan

    Nice article

    SEO is challenging, we all love to take it up
    SEO is fun, we all enjoy it
    SEO is Google, we all dance by its tune

  • Anand Kumar

    Hey nice comparison about SEO Technique. SEO is the battle field (Search Engine) for Improve the Ranking of the website, Generate More Traffic & ROI.

  • Web Development

    SEO is also like election.
    Websites are candidates.
    Links are vote.
    Search Engines are Electoral Commission.
    The more the no. of Links, more is the good Search Engine positioning of the Website.

  • Budget Hotels In Delhi

    well thats cool comparison..

  • Michael

    Seo is like makeup, the more hard work you put into your seo with design(blusher) , content(lipstick), keywords(eye liner), link building(hairspray), The better the final outcome is.

  • Satyendra

    Empire? You should be trying to be funny about cricket.

    Good article though.

  • Raj .

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  • Rishi

    Good real life comparisons….

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  • Jawed

    very nice comparison of SEO with Doctor, Farmer, War and Cricket…
    I like it……

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    Thanks for this update!

    Prasen Dutta

  • mahlely

    Nice article of SEO and matching SEO with professionals.
    Great sharing.

  • mahlely

    Nice article of SEO and matching SEO with professionals.
    Great sharing.