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Since early in my humble blogging career I have been down on three things; SEO, Google and hyped but useless web services. Down on SEO because it was and sometimes is about “gaming” the system, Google because it could be great but is resigned to being good enough and worthless sites for obvious reasons.

SEO done as it should be is a very helpful tool for developers. I recently reviewed an SEO primer in the form of an eBook that is superlatively helpful and most of all honest. Search engine optimization, at least the honest and professional version, helps not only site developers and users but the search engines themselves obviously. Though content is still king, if no one sees it, it is nothing.

This latest free eBook (in PDF) by Mihaela Lica – online PR and SEO – is particularly helpful to people just getting into the game. Bloggers in particular will benefit from this iteration as it is iterated around the popular WordPress V 2.5 platform. Everyone, even old hands like me, can benefit from a few honest tips from top professionals, and this primer is a must for new bloggers.

SEOs Are Editors

In Mihaela’s opinion professional SEO is not about gaming the system, but about editing a site to prepare it for the public. She compares the work of an SEO with that of a book editor. SEO is about structure, navigability but most importantly it is about quality. An SEO’s moral obligation is to ensure that the site adheres to these principles. Although most of the tips in this book are technical; like installing SEO plugins, optimizing permalinks, pinging and etc., many basic SEO techniques are made drop-dead-simple (they had to be or I would never figure them out).

Beyond SEO

Lastly, the book is replete with illustration to guide the “would be” Blogger/SEO through the steps described. It is also a rather extraordinary –yet simple – guide for other helpful conjunctive information like: journalistic techniques, keyword integration, and an effective blogging primer as well. Not sounding my own horn, but my site’s page rank reached level 4 in 5 months, and it wasn’t because of my “Hemmingway” writing skills or a zillion links. Put bluntly, it is there because Mihaela Lica made the site and taught me the SEO techniques in this book. Check it out, it is free and it will help.

Note : Don’t confuse this eBook with Aaron Wall’s SEObook or the Blogger’s Guide to SEO, but it makes a great compliment to the mix 🙂

Phil Butler
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Phil Butler
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  • wayne byrne

    WOW a free book on SEO thats not full of BS, sign me up!

    I completely agree that SEO should be about editing and not gaming anyone. I’m really eager to see whats going on with this.

  • Phil Butler

    Hi Wayne,

    Yes, anything on Web 2.0 that is not currently BS should be admired. This lady is quite extraordinary and I wish more people would take advantage of this knowledge. It appears simple and it is to use, but I know Mihaela worked hard to learn all this and also in creating this book.

    Thanks for your comment and power to the people brother! 🙂



  • Lisa

    Even seasoned bloggers can use SEO advice. As I am getting friends and family into blogging, it is nice to see that there are guides for them. I learned a lot by trial and error. It is nice to see that they don’t.

  • buzzdiggity

    SEO is such an evolving beast… great to see that Phil is on top of it!

  • Don

    Looks great, I’ve been meaning to get started with SEO for a while, and will definitely sit down to read this one. Thanks for the review!

  • Andrew Flusche

    This looks like a great ebook. I’m always up for more SEO tips!

  • Dan

    Nothing quite beats free advice, especially good free advice!

  • Phil Butler

    @ Dan, Andrew, Don, Buzz and Lisa – It is great you guys benefited from this, I know that was Mihaela’s intent in writing it.

    I wish (as I said) I had been aware when I first started…sheeesh woulda saved 1000 hours.



  • Mark Johnson

    As a PM who’s dealt with SEO at work, it’s easy to forget that I have a blog; and simple techniques could really help my posts. I guess we’re all marketers all the time =)

  • Mihaela Lica

    I have no words to tell you what it means to me to see my humble work featured at Search Engine Journal. Thank you, Loren and Phil, for this wonderful surprise.

    As for the readers, I hope the eBook will help you make a good start with a new blog. The steps described in the book should be taken immediately after installing WordPress.

    Although Phil already underlined this, I would like to remind you that the eBook is a primer – only basic SEO techniques are covered, but these should be enough to help the search engines index your site correctly. There are many SEO techniques I didn’t cover this time, so you can assume that a more in-depth SEO volume will follow. In the meanwhile I welcome questions and feedback at the address provided in the book.

  • Yang

    SEO is an indispensable consideration in the success of any blog. However as veteran SEO players already know much about tuning wordpress in their own way and boost the SE performance, novice doodling players will really need some solid info to get them started.

    Always worth it to try something new like this!

  • MarketingDeviant

    I just downloaded the ebook. Thanks for the great resource there. I’ll check it out and see if I’m missing anything for my seo 😀

  • Rob Jongschaap

    I just downloaded the book and I am impressed, not only by the excellent content but also by the bright and clear style: well written, many useful tips and relevant illustrations. Moreover it is also nice introduction to WordPress. That is good for me, since I am just starting a WordPress blog.

  • Du Nguyễn

    Thanks Mihaela Lica for composing this SEO ebook and Phil Butler for your review at SEJ.
    I do read it once, finding it a valuable resource for WordPress bloggers. I myself consider WordPress as the best choice for establishing personal and specific websites.
    I’m glad to see the “link building” strategy is updated with “link-buying” in this ebook.

  • Web Browser

    Won’t download it. I bet I know more than it says there 🙂