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Facebook is probably not the first place you would think to go for SEO advice. However, the social media giant is looking to change that. With the help of Distilled, an online marketing agency, Facebook launched a new video that provides users tips on how to optimize their Facebook pages. The video is aimed more at business owners than seasoned SEOs, but it’s the first video Facebook has released providing users with this type of advice for optimizing their Facebook pages for search engines.


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The video takes users step-by-step through a number of processes for building an optimized Facebook page with a good name and quality, relevant content. Then it shows you how to get links and likes for your new, awesome page. The video does tend to focus more on why all of these things are important, rather than on advanced link-building tips. However, for a small business owner just learning about search marketing, it’s a good beginner’s resource.

When asked about being selected by Facebook to create the video, Distilled co-founder Will Critchlow commented:

“We were very excited to be asked by Facebook to create this video. Distilled is dedicated to not only providing online marketing consulting, but also to providing search marketing training and education.”

Critchlow also went on to explain why he thinks this video is a valuable resource to business owners.

“As a business, it is important to own as much of the search space around your business or brand name as you can. A well optimized Facebook page can help you control the share of voice and what is being said about your business. More importantly, it can direct searchers to the social discussion about your brand and kick start your social efforts.”

To supplement the video and ensure users have a place to find out more information, Distilled also created a related resources page and a free written guide that is available on its website. You can access those items HERE.

Adria Saracino
Adria Saracino is the Head of Outreach at Distilled. When not connecting with interesting people on the web, you can find her writing about style... Read Full Bio
Adria Saracino
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  • Harry

    Great post. It is very interesting to see that Facebook actually allows and teach people to optimize their very own facebook for SEO. But isn’t facebook in a war with G? I really wonder do they advocate ranking in G or Bing? Since bing do not encourage optimizing.

  • Sajeet Nair

    Its simply amazing to know that Facebook actually contacted Distilled to get this video in place. Hats of to you guys

  • Audrey Abbey

    Social Media like Facebook is great way to reach right people for specific business. That video is really helpful to properly optimize Facebook page to maximize its business promotional purpose.

  • John Smith

    It is very interesting to see that Facebook actually allows and teach people to optimize their very own facebook for SEO. Thank you.

  • roland

    Great Andria,
    By using facebook properly we can generate more leads. to engage with B2C connections it is the best one.
    i love to read about facebook news. hope u will submit more 🙂

  • Turko Digital

    Looks like Facebook could improve their SEO. Major area for improvement here (have a look at this query):