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8+ Ways to Evaluate a Page (Domain Independent)

Besides the overall domain strength, there are quite a number of ways to evaluate a site page power. Even if that’s not your site and you have no access to its internal statistics, you still can find out a bunch about it (eg. its ranking potential and even estimated traffic).

Most of the following ways should be used in combination to get the maximum information on it:

  1. Check for the number of incoming links: search [] in Yahoo.
  2. Count the page outbound links: FireFox plugin SEOQuake will show you all outbound links: external and internal, ‘dofollow’ and nofollow.
  3. See the page cache data (i.e. crawl rate): date of the cache is the date the page was crawled by Google. There is one SEO Golden rule: what Google likes, we should too – i.e. if Google regularly crawls the page, it must like it; so that must be a good page.
  4. Find the page age (i.e. when Google first found the page): you can find the date yourself using Google advanced search date filter or by using this handy FireFox plugin.
  5. Check Google PageRank – well, believe it or not, but Toolbar PageRank still means something: i.e. the more, the better.
  6. Learn the page social media popularity: i.e., StumbleUpon and Digg mentions (I described this method in detail in my recent post on analyzing a website with Delicious). The more popular the page is, the more traffic it gets.
  7. Get a sneak peek into the page Google ranking – with SEODigger tool, you can find out what keywords the page ranks for.
  8. Track the page content freshness: you can try TrackEngine service – with it you will get updated daily of the page changes.
  9. There are other factors that can also be taken into account when analyzing the page (potential) power: page size, value of content (per your opinion), non-linking content, page URL, etc.
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Ann Smarty Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas

Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann’s expertise in blogging and tools serve as ...

8+ Ways to Evaluate a Page (Domain Independent)

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