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Social bookmarking is not only a nice way to get more traffic and links. That’s a most effective method to explore what people think about your site. By tracking your content popularity at social bookmarking sites you will be able:

  • to get an idea what people liked most of all in your post (to brainstorm for future posts);
  • to analyze why one post was successful while another one was buried;
  • to see how people describe your post (i.e. how they ‘see’ it) – that will enable you to look at your site “from outside“;
  • to explore your competitor‘s social media success and learn a lot from that;
  • to perform advanced keyword research (how people tend to tag shows how they are most likely to search).

The most powerful tool to do the above is URL search that shows you tags and descriptions people attached to a post when bookmarking. You will also see how many people saved this URL. So will provide you with very important information on:

  • how popular the exact page is;
  • how your readers defined your page.

How is the page defined?

The SEJ home page, for example, has been saved 783 times with SEO as the most popular tag:

SEJ stats

What’s the site most popular page?

Of course, to properly analyze a website’s popularity, you will need to check each and every of its subpages. With SEOQuake FireFox plugin I’ve discussed earlier you can see all the statistics within search results. So:

  1. Set the plugin preferences to show you only stats;
  2. Run [] search in Google;
  3. Sort the results by the number of bookmarks for each sub page:

Site’s internal popularity

Who’s my site associated with?

This handy tool will show you other sites people tend to bookmark along with your site. Here are sites associated with Search Engine Journal:

SEJ - similar sites

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  • Affordable Seo Services

    This is a very interesting way to have a survey on our website performance, I think it is definitively worth to give it a try. There is not better optimization then finding out what people think about our sites, I will add this to my list of strategies…

  • Noobpreneur


    Great way to put it – is a good way to even spying on your competitors… LOL


  • John Carcutt

    Nice article Ann, added it to my 🙂

  • Tony Hirst

    A week or two ago i built a yahoo pipe that analyses links referred to in a twitter feed in terms of their usage on delicious.

    I also built a pipe that will lookup the delicious history of a the page pointed to by a TinyURl:

  • Shari Mathias

    Great article. Seems like something so obvious yet I never thought about it. I love these types of articles. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brad Hart

    another good way to use is to use the automatic blog posting. I do a lot of surfing in a day and with the tagging extension for firefox tag a lot of sites, especially in the pop culture area hich get posted at the end of the day to my blog.

    I pretty it up every morning with proper SEO. It brings in quite a bit of organic traffic, but until I saw my page rank jump to 4 with lots of back links I never realized how much good it did me.

  • Tony Hirst

    Here’s a similar service based on Twitter – who’s been twittering about your URL:

  • Kiowa Jackson

    Great tools, thanks!



    Thanks Ann!

  • iVi

    Thanks for this useful article!!