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SEO Clinic : Free SEO from Industry Experts

Search Engine Journal’s SEO Clinic will be back in action next week after a month or so off and we are looking for more sites, businesses, and organizations which are interested in participating in the program.

SEO Clinic is a transparent list of SEO recommendations and How To’s which are provided to sites which serve as our ‘patients’.

Our resident SEO and Search Marketing experts then review the site and put together a recommendation report which the patient can implement into their website and marketing strategy.

SEO Clinic looks at most of the vital parts of an SEO strategy including onsite content, incoming links, meta data, site crawlability, navigation and user experience. We also construct each report on a customized basis, dependent on the needs of each site.

Our past SEO Clinic projects were hailed as being :

  • “One of the most thorough, informative online analyses I have read in a very, very long time.”
  • “Very detailed and plenty of good advice.”
  • “Helping so many online interested in SEO and helping their own websites.”
  • “Saving the client $10K + in SEO fees.”

Past SEO Clinic Projects:

If your business is interested in participating in the SEO Clinic and receiving thousands of dollars in free SEO advice, please contact Search Engine Journal.

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SEO Clinic : Free SEO from Industry Experts

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