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SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

Every year as the holiday shopping season ramps up, people ask me the same question over and over again “What do you want for Christmas this year?” I consider myself a pretty simple fellow, and always have a difficult time answering this question for a couple of reasons : one because I’m not used to getting gifts, and two because most of the gifts I receive I never use, and they end up in my misfit toy chest, packed away somewhere with my mini-DVD camcorder, PSP, iPod Shuffle, collection of hats too small for my enormous head and other stuff I just do not use or is outdated.

Then I think about the stuff I really want, like the new Rolls Royce Ghost or a HAL Robot Suit, and as those items are just way too over the top, I keep my mouth shut, go into “aww shucks” mode, and end up with a giftcard or something.

SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

So while the rest of the world is busy preparing a wish list for Christmas (or the winter holiday of choice), I got to thinking about how SEO is not just a job, but also a way of life, and how us “Google nerds” had better be smart in wishing for things you want this year. And if you play your cards right and ask Santa for the right things, your next year in SEO could be an easier passage.

So I’ve made a list of 5 things that I believe can help me, in the coming year, to retain my sanity as well as my hair, and improve my standard of SEO life.

1. Verizon MiFi

The Mifi is one thing that I definitely want from Santa this Christmas. For the (un)blissfully unaware, the Mifi is a tiny portable device that can convert incoming 3G signals to a small Wi-Fi network which can then be accessed by my laptop, notebook or tablet. MiFi’s are basically mobile hotspots, that I own and control, and keep me online almost anywhere the Verizon network has connectivity (sorry AT&T).

SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

The Mifi is, actually, a battery powered modem that you can use to latch on to WiFi networks using a simple Wi-Fi radio. What this means is that now I don’t have to worry about signal drops or connectivity issues as long as this gadget is in my pocket. The Orioles have moved their Spring Training home to Sarasota, which is about an hour from Search & Social’s Tampa office, and I forsee myself attending many Spring Training games and working on location. Furthermore, with all of the travel people in this industry seem to do, this tiny gizmo in my pocket can put paid to a lot of worries at conferences, where wireless connections are always an issue.

2. Subscriptions to Inc, Fortune, Wired, Webmaster Magazine

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, but when I’m away from the screen, like on Sundays, I enjoy reading or watching business related media that sparks my interest and can also get creative biz ideas flowing. This may sound lame, but I like to sprawl out on the couch on Sundays, put football on, and thumb through Inc. and Fortune. Sometimes at work I’ll go eat lunch away from my desk and flip through Wired. Every once in a while I’ll come across an SEO related story, which really gets me excited, almost as much as the time I heard NPR report on Yahoo dropping Google search earlier in the decade. That stuff just gets me excited.

What’s kind of nice is that magazines like Fortune, Wired, Webmaster Magazine and Inc don’t cost much if you get a subscription (I suggest, and they are all vital sources of information. The ROI is huge! Mix the magazines with episodes of Shark Tank & CNBC specials, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

3. Head Massager

Like I said earlier, I’ve been losing quite a lot of hair, lately, probably due to the brainstorming sessions we have here at Search and Social, working across from Dave Snyder and simple genetics. This one makes my wish list because it promises me the elixir I’m looking for to regain my lost hair, youthful looks and sanity. Skeptics might argue on this one, but I’m going to include this in the wish list, because, even if I don’t stop losing hair, I can, at least, go to sleep earlier with a soothing massage.

Furthermore, head massagers can really be great in the middle of the day, when you are starting to get your headaches or eyes are hurting from staring at the monitor, slap one of these babies on your head and relax for 10 minutes, dreaming of links & rankings. I suggest the Head Spa Massager as featured in Skymall, another one of my favorite magazines.

4. Google Socks

SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

This might come as a surprise to many of my friends, peers, and competitors and even Santa himself when he sees this on my wish list, but I just think that Google Socks are the collest thing ever! Do they come in size 16?

The fact is…the gentle, grateful soul that I am, acknowledging the power of Google and paying tribute to the search giant by wearing a pair of Google Socks with the Google colors is my way of showing my gratitude, if only they could be pulled up all the way to my knees and not ankle socks. I think I’ll take some Google Beanbags too!

So those are the four things I want on my Christmas SEO Wishlist, but I’m sure that other search marketers also want other things for the holidays. So I asked on Twitter this morning, and here are the responses :

@themlsmith I want a Chrome cookie jar. oh an more seo extensions too

@monicawright Painless SEO reporting. Oh and @lisabarone‘s writing skills.

@davesnyder an android tablet

@mjleonard I want one of the electric Google scooters. I believe they have been banned due to colliding Googlers. Makes them more enticing.

@leeodden Good service from ATT in NYC!

@creditgoddess Maybe some SEO certification courses or extension on SEO Dojo membership

What’s on your SEO Christmas Wishlist?

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SEO Christmas Wishlist : Perfect Presents for an SEO

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