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SEO Bytes : Tracking SEO Forum Threads

SEO Bytes : Tracking SEO Forum Threads

SEO Bytes : Tracking SEO Forum Threads

WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint, Site Point, SEO Chat, Search Engine Watch, Cre8aSite, High Rankings.. etc. The amount of search engine oriented forums on the web is staggering and trying to keep up with them can be as tiring as, well, trying to keep an eye on all of the search engine blogs roaming about on the web.

SEO Bytes is a service which not only tracks the most popular threads on some of the most active search engine forums, but also offers thread ranking by freshness, number of replies, and recent activity. SEO Bytes also offers adjustible scoring where you can adjust the weight of each of these ranking variables.

Aaron Wall of SEO Book comments :

I believe SEO Bytes stores your settings in a cookie, but some SEO’s travel a good bit. A few features I would like to see:

* allow people to log in so their settings work on different computers
* allow me to block all sub forums from a specific forum
* add a few more forums to the list of forums
* if he really wants to put a ton of effort into it… allow users to place more weight on thread ratings from friends and allow friends to submit threads for their friends to see

Time will tell if SEO Bytes takes Aarons suggestions to heart. In the meantime, try out their forum tracking service and see if it helps you save time that you can use doing other things, like catching up on your site linking.

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SEO Bytes : Tracking SEO Forum Threads

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