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SEO By The SEA – Gathering on Search Engines, Boats, and Maryland Seafood

SEO By The SEA – Gathering on Search Engines, Boats, and Maryland Seafood

SEO By The SEA – Gathering on Search Engines, Boats, and Maryland Seafood

Live on the East Coast and can’t make it to Search Engine Strategies San Jose in August? Looking to meet up and share a few pints with some others in the search engine optimization or paid search marketing industry? Well, have we got the get together for you – SEO by the SEA. Strap on your life jacket and come on down to Havre de Grace, Maryland for the First Annual SEO Gathering By the Sea – SEO by the SEA. We’ll be hosting a meet up in the historic town of Havre de Grace for people interested in, part of, or who write about the search engine industry.

The event starts on August 19th when we’ll be hosting a Friday night dinner to meet up and get to know the folks involved in the search engine industry around the mid-atlantic area. Myself and Bill Slawski, of Cre8asite Forums, will be planning and hosting the event which is planned as a sea loving adventure with an emphasis on looking into search engines, site usability, and seafood. Havre de Grace, Maryland is full of small waterfront bars (I just left one before writing this up), eclectic restaurants and the perfect place to host SEO by the SEA since Bill and I both work here. Amazingly enough, the Maryland – Delaware – Pennsylvania area is also home to Marketing Vox, QVC, Amazon and Yahoo (well, Yahoo is incorporated in Delaware and Amazon’s shipping and logistics headquarters is located there), and multiple other industries.

A little about Havre de Grace : Havre de Grace, MD (39 miles northeast of Baltimore and 45 miles south of Philadelphia; easily accessible from I-95 or Route 40) is French for “Habor of Grace” (also Safe Harbor or Harbor of Mercy), and is filled with Bed and Breakfasts, sailboats, restaurants, antique and craft shops, a great golf course (Bulle Rock recently hosted the LPGA McDonalds Classic), museums, and more.

Here’s a basic schedule:

Friday August 19th:

Make-it-if-you-can Dinner / Pubmeet

Saturday August 20th:

Breakfast & Discussion (possibly a speaker)
Tour of Havre de Grace
Attend Havre de Grace Art Festival (250 artists displaying their crafts on Saturday and Sunday)

Lunch & Discussion (possibly a speaker)
Free Time

Chartered 2 hour Chesapeake Bay / Susquehannah River Tour on the Skipjack Martha Lewis

Dinner and Night on the Town

Sunday August 21st:
So Long Brunch

If you live on the East Coast and would like to attend, please feel free to email me, or check out the SEO by the SEA site for more information on the event and accommodations.

Oh yes, Havre de Grace also is the home of a quaint little tattoo parlor across the street from, where Bill and I are employeed. If anyone who attends SEO by the SEA and gets an SEO by the SEA tattoo commemorating the event Bill and I will cover the cost of your ticket on the Skipjack Martha Lewis Cruise. Any takers?

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SEO By The SEA – Gathering on Search Engines, Boats, and Maryland Seafood

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