The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

SEO marketers usually start audits the day after a new client signs or it’s a quarterly review. Why?

Technical SEO matters.

Technical audits define SEO. Whether you’re a freelancer, in-house, or an agency, your job really begins when you finish the audit.

So, to help guide you through these, we created the ultimate SEO audit checklist.

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We collaborated with Brian Harnish to create this ebook, The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist, to help determine the essential checkpoints in your SEO audits and guide you through certain areas of your site as they relate to search ranking factors.

In partnership with Higher Visibility and Podium, we created this guide to eliminate the guesswork from SEO audits and help SEO pros tackle the task methodically.

The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

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We’ve arranged the ebook according to the main SEO items you’ll want to investigate:

Chapter 1: Domain Factors
Chapter 2: Page-Level Factors
Chapter 3: User Experience Factors
Chapter 4: Content Length
Chapter 5: Duplicate Content
Chapter 6: Website Content Factors
Chapter 7: Website Updates
Chapter 8: Link Profile Audit
Chapter 9: On-Site Technical SEO Factors
Chapter 10: Google My Business Audit