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SEO Alert : Who Will John Scott & v7n Flame Next?

SEO Alert : Who Will John Scott & v7n Flame Next?

SEO Alert : Who Will John Scott & v7n Flame Next?

After a big falling out with Mike Grehan, Greg Boser and other SEO’s which led to an all out flaming war at ThreadWatch and the launch of SEO Fight Club – v7n is looking for someone new to pick on.

You’d think that Mr. Scott and company have had their fill of bad publicity and hurt feelings, but no.. they’ve now published their hit list of potential search engine gurus to go after (including yours truly) and are actually putting their sick plans to a vote on v7n forums.

Here are the people they have targeted and reasons why:

Aaron Wall – Awesome guy, Great guy, but he is on the political Left

Randfish – Another great guy, but needs picking on because he is way too successful

Barry Schwartz – Needs picking on because he removed my link from his site

Jim Boykin – Just an all around fun guy, needs moderate picking on.

Loren Baker – Needs picking on for charging me an arm and a leg for my ad.

Brett Tabke – Just popular guy to pick on, can’t think of anything evil he’s done lately

Doug Heil – #1 punching bag of the SEO industry

Matt Cutts – Google employee, and let’s not forget the evil Google vistied upon Bluefind

Andy Hagans – sells text links, so he must be evil, right?

Ammon Johns – Because he hasn’t joined my forum yet.

How can the search community put a stop to Mr. Scott’s madness?

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SEO Alert : Who Will John Scott & v7n Flame Next?

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