SEMrush GEO Helps You Find SEO Clients in Your Area

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One of the most challenging tasks for many SEO experts is to find customers. This is especially true for those with newer companies that don’t have the reputation of Bruce Clay, WebiMax, and BlueGlass Interactive, for example. For them, SEMrush GEO, a new feature added to the already popular SEMrush professional SEO software, may be the quickest way to identify potential clients.

The fastest way for any new business to grow is to offer its services to other local businesses first and establish a good reputation among entrepreneurs in its neighborhood. 

The challenge is to identify businesses that are ready to pay for search engine marketing. While Google AdWords does offer an Analyze Competition feature that allows advertisers to compare their AdWords performance to other advertisers in similar categories, no other tool allows SEOs and search marketing experts to identify AdWords spenders based on location and with so many in-depth details.

After the initial geographic search by zip code or city, SEMrush GEO provides all the necessary contact information (URL, physical address, and phone number), as well as the approximate marketing spend that these businesses pay for AdWords. To compile the list in such detail, SEMrush GEO grabs data from SEMrush main, Yellow Book records, and Google Maps.

SEMrush GEO screenshot.

With SEMrush GEO, SEO businesses can uncover prospective clients local to them.

The tool first shows a limited number of businesses, but it allows SEOs to order the full report by completing a short contact form. There is no pricing specified on the site, but it was safe to assume that an in-depth report of this nature would not be free. After filling in the request, I received a response with a quote of $1 for each listing and a minimum order of 100 listings.

For SEOs looking for new customers, SEMrush GEO listings enable immediate contact. In the case of local businesses, the advantage is that they can meet the clients face-to-face. Another important aspect is that SEMrush GEO pinpoints both large and small businesses, thus enabling potential business relationships with neighboring corporations.

Mihaela Lica Butler
Mihaela Lica Butler is senior partner at Pamil Visions PR and editor at Everything PR. She is a widely cited authority on search engine optimization... Read Full Bio
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  • Randy Miller

    Thanks for the info, I’ve yet to explore the SemRush tools. Maybe it’s time I go take a look.

    • Mihaela Lica

      Thanks, Randy. Just remember: moderation in everything you do, and try not to “push” people into something they don’t want to buy. It’s always a #fail strategy.

  • Adam Thompson

    Great, another tool to help sales people make unsolicited calls to me and waste my time. /sarcasm

    • Mihaela Lica

      OMG. Then try to make those phone numbers unlisted πŸ˜›

      • Adam Thompson

        Ummm, it’s a business – I don’t want the phone number unlisted. πŸ™‚

        I guess unsolicited cold calls from marketing companies are just not a tactic I appreciate much. Partially because they waste my time, and partially because I feel that a good online marketing company should be using online marketing to promote themselves.

    • Mihaela Lica

      Then just say “no” when they start selling, Adam, they can only waste your time if you let them. I get cold calls almost every day but I still can be nice about it. Some people are not savvy enough to follow what happens online to learn about SEO. Local businesses (such as roofers for example) only know their stuff, and not how to get good rankings. They don’t read SEJ or your blog/site to learn how. A cold call could be just what they needed, after wasting good dollars on AdWords.

      Cold calls… an old-school strategy, that still works in Germany (where I live). May not work in other countries (which I doubt), you may not agree with it, but this is not the point. Everything in life is subject to positives and negatives after all. This is just news reporting. Some people may be interested. Some not. There’s room for all. πŸ™‚

      • Adam Thompson

        Fair points. I agree that one can be polite to cold callers and just end the call quickly (which is also what I do).

        I agree that many old-school companies may not even think to look for SEO/PPC help. I just have less respect for marketing agencies that say they can help their clients reach new prospects, but rely on cold-calling to get their own prospects. I read a blog on Portent the other day where they were saying the same thing: Of course, there’s nothing wrong with cold-calling to find prospects, so to each his own. πŸ™‚

    • Kerin Foster

      Hi Adam! Just to clarify, GEO is actually created to PREVENT cold calling. SEMrush GEO allows agencies to locate companies so that they can study and examine their PPC campaigns. From there, agencies have the ability to decipher specific problems that they can assist these “neighboring companies” with things such as incorrect landing pages, not adding negative keywords, and the list goes on!

      • Mihaela Lica

        That’s one way to look at it, Kerin. But as soon as you give phone numbers in the report, there’s no way to “prevent” how they will be used, is there? Besides, the report doesn’t really give details on these PPC campaigns, does it? Just an estimate of AdWords money spent. To actually examine PPC campaigns, SEOs would have to employ other tools, which SEMrush already offers. I think GEO is a smart addition to your services. But realistically speaking, on its own, it only provides a list of potential clients.

      • Suren Ter

        [disclaimer: SEMrush COO is here]
        Mihaela, that’s just one click away πŸ™‚ We expect SEO/SEM community to be at least barely reasonable πŸ™‚ An “educated call” works better than a cold one – isn’t it quite obvious?
        Or – maybe – I’m overestimating SEO people? πŸ™‚

      • Mihaela Lica

        @Suren Ter: any unsolicited call, educated or not, is a “cold call.” Of course cold callers will study a bit the business they are calling, unless they want to appear like total idiots.

        On my side, I expect SEO software vendors to be reasonable too, and not to try to sell their products and services as something they are not.

      • Suren Ter

        Mihaela, no salesman lies? How will I pay my bills? πŸ™‚ [/joke mode off].
        I’d like to agree with you. However I have to admit – a lot of my colleagues shot first and study later. Though I may be wrong in general. We’ll see.

      • Mihaela Lica

        You are right, this happened a lot in the past. But with customers becoming more aware of SEO ethics – many through such resources as SEJ, and your own products and services – I believe that bad practices will be less common.

    • Alan Bleiweiss


      You do bring up a good point. Personally, I don’t normally care for cold-call sales. It’s got to be a truly spectacular timing thing for me – IF someone cold-calls, or even tweets me with a sales pitch unsolicited, and in that exact moment, I’m needing that exact service, I actually have willingness to talk. But only if they’re super respectful in all regards.

      That happened once in the entire past year so it’s not like it’s a common reality whereas unsolicited calls (and tweets) when I’m NOT in that moment, interested, happen a lot.

      Oddly enough, before I became truly established and known, I relied heavily on cold-call sales and came across enough prospective clients who themselves, were, in that moment I’d called, in need of my services that it helped me tremendously as far as growing the business in those early days. So I can see both sides.

      IF anyone is going to use this tactic, and I do think it’s BRILLIANT by the way Mihaela, the key is to learn how to be truly professional about it.

      Understand that many people are annoyed at cold calls, so respect that. Be brief, very polite and do NOT try to push past the “we’re not interested”.

      The faster you move on to the next call, the closer you are to that next yes. That’s how sales work – it’s a matter of numbers.

      Do NOT however, use robo-calling to speed up the process. That’s a deal breaker for sure.

      And be prepared – before you call, search for that company online and get at least the basics of what they do so you don’t sound like an idiot calling.

      And for crying out loud, if anyone DOES say yes or even give you a little time but ultimately says not interested, thank them for their time!

      • Mihaela Lica

        Thank you for your feedback, Alan – very useful advice for companies wanting to try cold-calling as a strategy. You are right, it’s a great tool if and when used wisely. It’s hard to predict when a certain business may need the service vendors try to sell with cold calling, but not impossible. Many would announce the need of a service in local newspapers, for example – good to read local press in this case.

  • Bob Jones

    What I really don’t like about all the RUSH products is that there’s a bunch of different ones to subscribe to. If they had an all in one option, I’d be inclined to go that way.

    • Mihaela Lica

      That’s a good suggestion. Maybe they consider merging them under one roof for professionals?

    • Jason Kamara

      I agree. Why not aggregate all their tools and put them together like SEOmoz PRO. Having easy API access with their proprietary data definitely has its advantages.

    • Suren Ter

      Actually yes, we are working on that. Though I don’t have ETA yet – but we are moving in this direction.

  • Sheila Cruze

    Truly believe that lead generation is one of the most difficult and painstaking tasks for companies that are in the arena of Search Engine optimization and Social Media. Inclusion of this tool on the SEMRush dashboard will definitely help us managing the lit of leads and potential customers.

    I am glad that besides keyword analysis and other SEO analytics tool SEMrush is also moving towards Market Management services. Thumbs up to SEMRush!

  • Vijay Reddy

    This is another great feature by SEMrush… i am already using them and they give awesome service, they provide depth SEO analysis….

  • Ehab Attia

    Wow, this great article about “SEMrush” I’m using them but i didn’t know this tricks πŸ™‚
    thanks for sharing

  • Nadia

    Great share, few months ago I used SemRush, maybe should turn back to semrush again

  • Keyword Name Removed

    Dear Mihaela,

    I am running SEO company in Odisha state of India. So I don’t think I will get potential SEO clients from my locality. Can you please let me know what to do with it.