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Self Tagging by Ask Jeeves

Self Tagging by Ask Jeeves

Self Tagging by Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves just deployed MyJeeves 1.2: Tagging Solution for Virtual Folders but it does not offer the community aspect focus that Yahoo! has done so nicely with MyWeb 2.0.

I call asks version, self-tagging, because it doesn’t allow you to view your “communities” tags. For example, about a week ago, I was surfing through my community tags at Yahoo! MyWeb 2.0 and found a tag named blogsiread. After clicking through, I noticed this tag was used often by Jeff Weiner (Yahoo! Senior VP). I was upset to learn that this site was not listed within the tag. So I decided to go over to Yahoo! 360, which I use almost every day now, to get Jeff Weiner’s attention.

You see, Jeff Weiner is part of my community, in fact, he is a direct link in my community (not a friend of a friend). So I knew if I blogged about it at Yahoo! 360 he would see it, so I wrote a Y! 360 blog entry named Jeff Weiner…Why Am I Not on blogsiread? and posted his image. Guess, what? It got his attention. A few hours later Jeff Weiner left a comment stating;

Page Search Engine Roundtable ::: The Pulse Of The Search Marketing Community
My Details
Saved 1 minute ago – Edit – Email
Note: rusty, never really thought of search engine roundtble as a blog so much as a search engine trade resource. read your stuff quite a bit (and have saved, tagged and shared rusty search among other docs you’ve published). now duly tagged.
Tags: blogsiread, rustybrick
Access: Everyone
See similar pages saved by me

Basically, he copied and pasted the addition of this site in that tag with a very nice note. I also like to think of this site as “a search engine trade resource” and not a blog. 🙂

Back to the community aspect. Do you see how this tagging thing is working at Yahoo! versus Ask Jeeves. Don’t get me wrong, Ask Jeeves did comment that they might be going in that direction, but not just yet.

In the long term, we intend to provide a smoother “upgrade path” by suggesting the gradual adoption of tagging. As users become more familiar with the process, they’ll be able to explore the collective corpus of information through related tags or their social network, and further refine their taxonomy in some kind of virtuous circle.

I also left out the whole component on how this can affect one’s rankings…

Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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Self Tagging by Ask Jeeves

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