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Self-Regulation Program to Help Protect Internet Users’ Privacy

There is an on-going battle between Web users and the amount of access advertisers have to their information. A new program is going to be implemented to help protect people’s Internet privacy by allowing them the opportunity to opt-out of being tracked by companies for user specific advertising. Some 5,000 companies will be affected by the program, which will include a blue lower case “i” that turns into an incomplete triangle that will appear near ads. User need only click on the symbol and choose to not being tracked.

Being charged with the enforcing of the programs is the Better Business Bureaus group and the Direct Marketing Association. Marketers can start using the icon by visiting and will also have the ability to attend Webinars (Web seminars, that is) to learn more about the new programs. Donated ad space will be used to advertise the program to consumers so that they will be aware of their choice to not be tracked. This programs is believed to be a step in the right direction for the protection of user privacy on the web, however self-regulation on the part of advertisers isn’t seen to be the answer that some were looking for in this matter.

Executive director of nonprofit group, World Privacy Forum had this to say on the matter, “This is just the latest version in a long series of failed self-regulatory efforts. We need the government to step in and set rules for industry.”

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Self-Regulation Program to Help Protect Internet Users’ Privacy

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