#SEJThinkTank Webinar Recap: Understanding Dynamic Google SEO

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#SEJThinkTank Webinar Recap: Understanding Dynamic Google SEO

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On February 18th 2015, nearly three hundred people joined the SEJ ThinkTank for a webinar presentation and extended Q&A session with SEJ founder Loren Baker regarding dynamic Google SEO. SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones was moderator.

Loren gave an extremely insightful presentation looking at how your Google rankings change based on where a user is located, how Google Knowledge Graph can affect your ranking, and what you can do to optimize your business.

During and after the webinar, the SEJ team also live tweeted and answered questions from the audience on Twitter using the #SEJThinkTank hashtag.

Watch the full video below:

You can also view his slides on Slideshare:

Tools Loren Mentioned:

Throughout his presentation, Loren mentioned several tools you can use do research and improve your conversion rates. Here is a list of every tool he mentioned, plus a short description of features.


This is a tool you will hear Loren talk about quite often. That is because it offers vital insights into your link profile, Trust Flow, anchor text, and much more.


This is a must-have for businesses looking to improve their local SEO. Loren particularly likes their “Local Rank Tracker”, which allows you see how your business ranks in any location.


You will hear this tool mentioned in a lot of our webinars simply because it is so useful. The offer an advanced keyword research tool, allows you to perform in-depth analysis of your competitors, and  provides deep link analysis.


This enterprise-level SEO platform gives indepth reporting and analysis to help you discover opportunities you might be missing. (Disclaimer: Searchmetrics is the sponsor of the SEJ Summit series, but not this webinar. Loren mentioned them only because he likes the tool! You can still sign up for a FREE conference ticket at any of our 7 events happening this year.) 


This optimization tool helps you measure and convert local traffic. It also helps you find erroneous listings, which can be a huge problem for many businesses.

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Danielle Antosz

Danielle Antosz

Features Editor at Search Engine Journal
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  • Chris

    Great webinar. I am always face deep in quality SEO webinar or articals. This one was really great. If your new and need to know what some great tools are, you will find them right here.


    • Danielle Antosz

      I am glad you found it helpful, Chris! Loren gave really in depth insights.

  • Durgesh

    Hey thanks for the great resource.
    Being new in this SEO world your inputs are valuable for me.
    Thanks for the learning advantage.

  • Brandon Prettyman

    Another webinar I have sat in on after the fact. Thank you for posting these on the site. Just a quick note…The WhiteHat Aviator Browser was mentioned at the end of the webinar but there is no link provided so here you go: https://www.whitehatsec.com/aviator/

    • Danielle Antosz

      Thanks, Brandon!!

  • Silviu Udrea

    I think you should give it a try to https://www.georanker.com/ as I found it extremly usefull to tap into local SEO.

    Now it is a must in my clients offer as it’s easier to rank locally than globally.

    It is so insightful ( 50k different IPs spread globally in different cities ) that we even done some affiliate marketing ourselves to prove that almost anyone with the right tool can make a killing in local SEO ( we made some microsites in fashion niche and targeted cities with low competition on NAP optimization for a quick win )

    Without GeoRanker I trully cant say that I would have had a better solution than traditional content marketing ( articles + links + social signals )

    For easy wins in local markets is the single “swiss army knife” you will ever need.

    If you do SEO for clients is a must because you can easily find out what strategy you will use in every city that your client wants to rank in: generic SEO ( articles + links ) or local SEO ( NAP optimization )

  • Michael Stricker

    Loren’s team has made rapid advances using locally-targeted Position Tracking reports. if you can’t measure a thing, you can’t manage a thing, so keeping track of the competition in paid and organic search results at the local level puts you back in the driver’s seat of your local and mobile campaigns. Also, thrilled to get a glimpse of WhtieSpark.
    Thanks for the webinar, Loren Baker, and thanks for being a user, SEJ, and thanks for the prominent mention, Danielle!
    Full disclosure: I am U.S. Marketing Director, SEMrush

    • Danielle Antosz

      You are welcome, Michael. Thanks for creating a fantastic tool!

  • Jas

    Majestic SEO is one my most favorite backlink analysis tool. I have been using this tool since last 2 years. But only one thing I am not getting through this tool is to analyze redirect backlink. I can able to find it through Hrefs only.