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#SEJThinkTank Recap: The Search Marketer’s Guide to Turning Online Browsers into Buyers

#SEJThinkTank Recap: The Search Marketer’s Guide to Turning Online Browsers into Buyers

On Wednesday, July 27th, SEJ Thinktank was joined by Patrick Hutchison of Marin Software for a sponsored webinar on how to use retargeting and other cross-platform strategies to turn online browsers into buyers.

Patrick’s 25-minute presentation was followed up by an informative Q&A session, led by Kelsey Jones, the Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal. The Q&A session gave audience member the opportunity to ask Patrick for tips in real time!

If you are looking for ways to improve online purchases, you will want to watch this recap!

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A few key points from Patrick’s presentation:

  • With 3 million advertisers on Google and 50 million on Facebook, competition in paid ads is fierce. Which means we are all competing for the same finite amount of consumer attention.
  • To stand out, we need to get creative.
  • One way to stand out is to look for market imbalances—which are usually areas of low competition.
  • The winners in today’s online marketing field have to outsmart their competition by: outsourcing manual tasks where possible, utilizing search-to-search retargeting, integrating Facebook and Google campaigns, and using cross-device retargeting.

Resources Mentioned

Patrick mentioned a few sites and tool in his presentation, including the web browser Duck Duck Go and Marin Software’s tools.

The Search Marketer’s Guide to Turning Online Browsers into Buyers

Watch the Full Recap of Patrick’s Presentation Here

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