On Wednesday, October 19th, Holly Miller, Professional Services Manager for Searchmetrics, joined Kelsey Jones, SEJ’s Executive Editor, and the rest of the SEJ Thinktank for a sponsored webinar about the new research and the future of universal search.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Universal Search is the way Google includes different results from areas like Google Images or Google News into its search results.


Today, Universal Search dominates search queries, with up to 80% of search queries including at least one Universal Search integration. New research by Searchmetrics provides SEOs and website owners with valuable data they can leverage to get found online.

During the 45-minute webinar, Holly discusses new trends uncovered in their study, and offered three main points search marketers need to consider if they want to succeed in Universal Search in 2016.


Watch the full presentation below and download Holly’s slides to find out what these new trends mean for your brand.

Download the full Searchmetrics study here.

Watch the Full Presentation Below

View Holly’s Slides

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