#SEJThinkTank Recap: Harnessing the Networks of Your Podcast Guests & Audiences

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#SEJThinkTank Recap: Harnessing the Networks of Your Podcast Guests & Audiences

This week, the SEJ ThinkTank was joined by Kelsey Jones, SEJ’s Executive Editor, for an informative podcast about maximizing the networks of your podcast attendees and guests.

If you have a podcast, like 27% of our webinar attendees, or are just thinking about starting one, this presentation is chock full of info you will find useful!

Harnessing the power of your podcast guests network

Do You Want to Build a Podcast?

Building a successful podcast requires a lot more work than just sitting down and pressing the record button. Kelsey gave a lot of great suggestions on how to build a successful following.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Make it easy for guests and audience to share your podcast by tagging them on social.
  • Link to resources and tools to create a truly useful piece of content.
  • Use a platform that makes it easy to share your podcast. (Don’t make them think!)

It Doesn’t Have to be (Just) a Podcast

One of the most important pieces of advice Kelsey gave in the webinar was to repurpose your podcast content. This is true in every medium, but I think it gets overlooked in podcasting. Kelsey suggests transcribing part of your podcast, fleshing the topic out into a long form post, writing a recap post, and/or creating a webinar on the topic.

However you choose to repurpose your content, just remember it doesn’t have to be just a podcast. Different people consume content differently, so creating multiple formats makes it easier for your audience to choose the format they prefer.

Tools & Resources

Kelsey mentioned several great tools during the webinar. Here are links to those resources:

  • Click To Tweet – For easy sharing on Twitter
  • Rev.com – For transcribing your podcasts
  • Blubrry – WordPress plugin to host your podcast, share, and get stats (This is what SEJ uses)
  • libsyn – Website to host your podcast
  • Podbean – Podcast hosting

Watch the Full Presentation Recording

View Kelsey’s Slides

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