SEJ Wrap-Up: Start Making Use of Google Tag Manager, + E-commerce Marketing Tips

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Meg Cabrera
Meg Cabrera SEJ STAFF
SEJ Wrap-Up: Start Making Use of Google Tag Manager, + E-commerce Marketing Tips

This is the wrap-up of the most popular posts and announcements on SEJ over the previous week. Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive this and other updates.

How to Master E-Commerce Content Marketing

How to Master E-commerce Content Marketing | SEJ

There has been a shift in recent years in the way e-commerce sites look; the change isn’t merely to make the site more pleasing to the eye, but because savvy e-commerce retailers have realized that in order to sell more they need to engage more.

The best way to achieve that is through the use of e-commerce content marketing. What exactly is e-commerce content marketing? SEJ contributor Tony Messer lays it all out for you, complete with action items, in this week’s top post.

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What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a powerful, free tool that enables marketers to control digital marketing data by using code snippets on any website. It can be used for conversion tracking, website analytics, retargeting, and many more tracking purposes.

A lot has been said about Google Tag Manager, and the many benefits it has given to many digital marketers, so we’ve outlined what it is, and its many uses you can take advantage of. Read this week’s top SEO strategy post here.

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Popular Search Marketing Posts

Here is a rundown of the most popular posts on SEJ from last week:

  1. How to Master E-Commerce Content Marketing, by Tony Messer
  2. Facebook Changes Its Policies on Branded Content, by Matt Southern
  3. What is Google Tag Manager?, by Meg Cabrera
  4. Boost Influencer Outreach With Visual Marketing, by Ann Smarty
  5. 6 Clever Copywriting Tactics to Boost Conversion Rate, by Clement Lim
  6. Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand, by Michael Georgiou
  7. 10 Signs You’re a Better Digital Marketer Than You Thought, by Neil Patel
  8. Facebook’s Instant Articles Now Available to Everyone, by Matt Southern
  9. WordPress Version 4.5 Now Available, by Matt Southern
  10. Bing Just Became a Powerful New Tool for Developers, by Matt Southern

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In this week’s episode of Marketing Nerds, Casey Markee of MediaWyse and Search Engine News joins SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones to discuss what beacons are how they are already being used, and how to start implementing them in your own search and discovery campaigns to reach more customers.
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