SEJ Video Series: A Sit Down With SEO Expert Alan Bleiweiss

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A few weeks ago I sat down with long time SEJ community member and SEO expert Alan Bleiwess. This is the start of an ongoing monthly video series that I’ll be producing for SEJ. Here are some of the highlights from our chat:


  • How to Leverage Another Community to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Why Getting Links Should not be the Only Goal of Guest Posts
  • Communicating Your Knowledge in a Way that Stands Out
  • The Power of Communicating Naturally to Have a Great End Result
  • How Truly Caring About Something Impacts Your Content 
  • The Critical Mistakes that People Make with SEO
  • Understanding the Off site Signals of Your Brand
  • How Vanity Metrics Lead to a False Sense of Accomplishment
  • The Value of Participating In a Community 

What do you think of the video series? Let us know in the comments below.

Srinivas Rao
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  • Don McAllister

    Great interview, Srini! I always understood SEO was important, but now that Google has changed their search engine algorithms, I’m not so sure how important it still is. to me, it’s a mixture of some SEO practices, but much more social engagement now.

    • Srinivas


      I know what you mean. I always have been of the mindset of people first, search engine second. Social engagement absolutely makes a huge difference these days. I think that what gets people in trouble is the search for fool proof formulas.

  • Kris K.

    Very interesting interview , Srini! Google will always keep on changing their SE algorithms to always keep up the pace with the new technology available in the web and also let us not forget that they keeps on filling the holes which people find in their previous algorithms.

    • Srinivas


      I’m glad you liked it. You’ll get to see a new one every single month. Google does always keep changing which is why I think communities and loyal audiences are more important than ever.

  • Adam Lundquist

    I completely agree. You need to write in your natural voice and be natural! Keep up this series – very entertaining and nice to see videos.
    – Adam

    • Srinivas

      Thanks Adam. We’ve got more coming.