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The SEJ Staff Picks Their Favorite #MarketingNerds Episodes

To celebrate the 100th episode of Marketing Nerds, we rounded up the favorite episodes of the SEJ Team. Join us as we take a look back at our past episodes.

To celebrate the 100th episode of Marketing Nerds podcast, we rounded up the favorite podcast episodes from the SEJ Team. Join us as we take a look back at our past episodes, and what we have learned from them.

Jenise Henrikson, CEO

Episode 54: Identifying and Repurposing Evergreen Content for Success 

Every time I hear Wil Reynolds speak I learn something. In this episode, I got some great ideas regarding re-purposing amazing existing content. I also love observing Brent’s skillful approach in eliciting fresh and topical perspectives from his guests.

Brent Csutoras, Chief Social Media Strategist

Episode 65: Robert ‘RSnake’ Hansen Talks Website Security on #MarketingNerds Podcast

I have always been intrigued by hacker and internet security, so being able to talk with one of the top hackers in the world, Robert ‘Rsnake’ Hansen, is always a pleasure. I learned quite a bit about WordPress security, which I have incorporated into my sites, as well as some interesting stories about Hillary Clinton’s email servers and China’s new social engineering rating system.

Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor

Episode 72: #MarketingNerds Podcast with Danny Goodwin: How Journalism Helps You Write and Edit for the Web

It let me get to know Danny better, which eventually lead to him writing news for SEJ. Also, we talk a lot about why the editorial process is so important, which is something both brands and publishers can find useful.

Anna Crowe, Features Writer

Episode 89: How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Multiple Locations with Cynthia Johnson

Managing multiple locations is a tricky thing. Whether for a social media or SEO strategy, Cynthia Johnson pretty much nailed it. Her advice wasn’t too generic or too abstract. It was inspirational and actionable. Thanks to Cynthia, I’ve been able to connect the dots for my clients’ local social media and SEO strategy.

Caitlin Rulien, Social Producer

Episode 91: How to Find Clients: Freelancers Forum #8

I just really dig all of the Freelancers Forum episodes. Not only do I love listening to the dulcet tones of Kelsey and Danielle streaming from my speakers, but they provide simple, actionable advice to help us freelancers.

Aki Libo-on, Assistant Editor

Episode 38: #MarketingNerds Freelancer Forum: How to Raise Your Rates & Confront Imposter Syndrome

This episode aims to debunk a couple of freelancing taboos, such as raising your rates. It just didn’t answer what’s the best way to do it but why (because, apparently, you deserve a raise even if you think you don’t.)

Meg Cabrera, Research Assistant

Episode 78: How to Make the Leap to Full-Time Freelancing

It was hard to give up my full-time corporate job, but this episode gave me the assurance that I made the right choice to venture into freelancing.

Danny Goodwin, News Writer

Episode 8: #SEO for User Interface Design with Kristine Schachinger

Kristine Schachinger is one of my favorites in the industry and she has lots of great insights in this episode. She goes through important SEO and user experience considerations and common pitfalls for companies that are creating or redesigning a website.

Jessica Cromwell, Director of Sales & Events

Episode: 86: How to Make Your Brand Fascinating with NYT Best-Selling Author Sally Hogshead

A simple, yet powerful approach to building a brand. And her free personality test is a neat tool that helps individuals discover their north star. I love stuff like this.

Danielle Antosz, Features Editor

Episode 22: Freelancers Forum II: How to Find, Negotiate With, & Fire Clients

Is it okay to use one of my own? I really love the vibe Kelsey and I have, it feels super relaxed. I also love sharing information I would have loved to have when I was getting started as a freelancer.

What’s your favorite Marketing Nerds podcast episode? Share it with us in the comments section!


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The SEJ Staff Picks Their Favorite #MarketingNerds Episodes

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