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In this week’s episode of Marketing Nerds, we had the chance to sit down with Kristine Schachinger, who has a lot of experience working with companies on retrofitting  or redesigning their sites to better perform from an SEO perspective, specifically, SEO for User Interface Design.

In this episode of Marketing Nerds, we cover:

  • About a number of important considerations like what to think about when building or redesigning a site in regards to SEO.18 Search Rankings & Engagement Factors You Can’t Ignore
  • What aspects of design are the most important to pay attention to upfront when you are specking out the project.
  • The various things that can make these projects become costly.
  • What common pitfalls people need to avoid.
  • How to get past these pitfalls if you’re already in the middles of them.

To listen to Marketing Nerds with Kristine Schachinger:

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Visit our Marketing Nerds archive to listen to other Marketing Nerds podcasts!


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