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SEJ Live: Stoney deGeyter on Combining SEO and UX

the difference between UX and SEO

This week #SEJLive was joined by Stoney deGeyter to discuss how user experience and SEO work together. Below is his live session and the topics he covered.

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Stoney deGeyter, Pole Position Marketing

Stoney answered questions from the SEJ community on UX and SEO. He appeared LIVE on our Facebook page:

Questions Stoney Answered About UX and SEO on Facebook Live:

  • How do you find a perfect balance between user experience and SEO?
  • What SEO and UX best practices do you suggest?
  • Why do you give much emphasis on keyword research?
  • What SEO and UX principles do you roll out at Pole Position Marketing?
  • You mentioned that clicks are important, but how do you ensure conversion?
  • What calls to action tactics do you suggest?
  • What challenges should we expect in making sure that SEO and UX work together?
  • How should we overcome these challenges?
  • Aside from SEO and UX, is the design interface just as important?
  • In what instances should we be willing to let SEO or UX suffer?

To learn more from Stoney, check out his chapter Making User Experience and SEO Work Together in our brand new complete SEO guide. There, you can also read the SEO guide in its entirety or download it as a PDF.

Featured image made by author on Canva, using illustration by Paulo Bobita.

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SEJ Live: Stoney deGeyter on Combining SEO and UX

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