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SEJ Live: Erin Robbins on Thinking Outside the Search Bubble & Beating Your Competitors

We’re back with another SEJ Live session! This week, Erin Robbins joined #SEJLive to talk about how to leverage data for search campaigns, what key metrics to focus on, and how to monitor these metrics to beat your competitors.

Erin also shared tools to track SEO performance, as well as strategies to achieve campaign objectives and KPIs. Check out her live session below and the topics she covered.

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Erin Robbins, GinzaMetrics

Erin answered questions from the SEJ community on how to use data and metrics to get an edge over the competition. She appeared LIVE on our Facebook page:

Questions Erin Answered About Thinking Outside the Search Bubble on Facebook Live:

  • How should we clearly define our search marketing objectives to achieve a profitable SEO campaign?
  • There are so many search performance metrics, what are the critical SEO metrics we should focus on?
  • What strategies can we employ to ensure that we effectively hit our search objectives?
  • What effective tactics and non-traditional data help track the variables that influence ranking, and fluctuations in ranking signals?
  • What search metric tools do you recommend to track a website’s SEO performance?
  • How should we correctly track keywords? How important are keyword metrics against other KPIs?
  • How does content strategy work side by side SEO metrics?
  • How do we ensure that monitoring these metrics translate to actual conversions and give a good bottom line?
  • How do you find the competitors of your website?

Tools Erin Mentioned on Her Facebook Live Session:

Learn more from Erin in this interview as she talks about ways to create custom content when you’re on a budget. You can also read Erin’s articles on Search Engine Journal.

Catch Erin as one of our speakers at the SEJ Summit 2017 in Chicago! She’ll be examining data you’re probably not leveraging (but should!) and how to apply that to marketing objectives beyond traditional search. 

Register now to reserve your slot and come join us. We can’t wait to see you there!

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SEJ Live: Erin Robbins on Thinking Outside the Search Bubble & Beating Your Competitors

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