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SEJ Guest Blogging : Review the Guest Marketing Posts

I’m sure that readers have noticed a good amount of new names and faces popping up in their Google Reader and RSS aggregators. Search Engine Journal is currently in the midst of running a guest blogging competition where we are offering the winner different prizes from Search Engine Journal Sponsors adding up to over $10,000 in search marketing services.

Here is an overview of our contest sponsors :

  • $1,000 in Blog Reviews &; Links from
  • 6 month free subscription for SingleFeed’s Data Feed Management and Optimization service : $1,074 value
  • $500 in free advertising from Text Link Ads
  • 6 Month Free Subscription for Adapt Paid Search Management Software (a $1,194 value)
  • One Year Subscription to Keyword Discovery (a $599 value)
  • $500 from Pepperjam Search
  • 3 months free at SEOBook (a $300 value)
  • SEO Audit & Site Makeover from Search Engine Journal Services (a $5000+ value)
  • Submittals of up to 4 sites to Aviva Directory Network (a $400+ value)

If you like these guest posts, I highly encourage you to show your support for these entries by :

  • Contributing Ideas and Comments
  • Sphinning Them
  • Linking to Ones You Like from Your Blog
  • Giving Them a Buzz via Yahoo Buzz
  • Bookmarking them on
  • Sending them to Your Friends or Posting the Ones You Like on Twitter
  • Submitting or voting for them on Propeller, Mixx, Digg ..etc.
  • Sharing via Facebook

All of these forms of contributing, conversation and promotion will have a direct effect on which blog post wins.

In an effort to make the posts more organic, we have not announced who is in the competition until now. So, here is a list of the entries to date by our guest bloggers (we will have more next week). Enjoy 🙂

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SEJ STAFF Loren Baker Founder at Foundation Digital

Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing ...

SEJ Guest Blogging : Review the Guest Marketing Posts

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