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SEJ Blog Competition : John Carcutt and Richard Burckhardt Blog Off!

Yesterday we compiled and reviewed the stats from the Search Engine Journal Guest Blogging Competition and more or less came to a virtual tie between the two top posts, which were contributed by John Carcutt and Richard Burckhardt.

Richard’s 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love hit Delicious Popular, brought in 46 comments and about 700 incoming links (a lot a result of hitting Delicious.)

John’s 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Real SEOs topped the 100 mark at Sphinn, attracted about one third the amount of links as Richard, and more comments (along with expanded coverage on Mixx and other blogs).

The two blog posts topped the competition and the results were so close that I’ve talked to John and Richard about taking their blogging to the next level; a BLOG OFF!

In the tradition of the art of Capoeira, the ritualistic beating of the chest by the great silverback ape, the super tough dance fighting sequence in the Beat It video, or the closing final 5 minutes of Predator … John and Richard will be taking this fight to the street.

John and Richard will be submitting new blog posts on Friday which we’ll publish and leave up for voting, linking and deciding by Search Engine Journal readers next week.

We’re looking forward to John and Richard’s new blog posts and hoping that readers will enjoy the competition. We’ll also be showcasing the sponsors this week and next in a build up to announcing the winner.

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SEJ Blog Competition : John Carcutt and Richard Burckhardt Blog Off!

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