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SEJ: A Renewed Focus On ROI

SEJ: A Renewed Focus On ROI

We in business judge all information by four fundamental criteria. We ask, will it:

  • Help me avoid a landline?
  • Help me recover from a landline?
  • Boost my firm’s bottom line?
  • Boost my salary or career?

There is an infinite number of other criteria, of course, but these are the Big 4. Certainly those are Search Engine Journal’s Big 4.

Not coincidentally, the Big 4 are tied to return on investment. Each of them will at least nudge your return on investment. Get a “yes” to all four, and you will see a big impact.

Our aim is to only share facts, analysis, insight and opinion that help you get more for your time and money.

Here’s how we’re going to do it. We will speak plainly and get to the point. Our authors and sources will have experience to back up their assertions. We’ll ask the Big 4 questions of the content; if an article can’t address at least two of the questions, it won’t be published.

Now, we’re a community, so we ask that when you post or comment, take the same hard-nosed attitude with information. When you speak from experience at SEJ, you’re like the ref at a track meet holding the pistol. People are only waiting for a short, sharp shot. So, pull the trigger and let everyone race off with the insight.

And with that, I say welcome to the relaunch of Search Engine Journal!

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SEJ: A Renewed Focus On ROI

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