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Segmenting Keywords Made Easy by Topvisor

How To Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

This is a sponsored post written by Topvisor. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Every internet-based business has a pool of keywords they focus on when targeting their website to get conversions. Researching keywords and picking up the relevant keyword ideas from different sources is undoubtedly a time-eater and a resource-consuming task. But how can you be sure these keywords play into the hand of your business?

Building out a Keyword List

Every SEO expert or an experienced webmaster knows that creating a good list of keywords that perfectly match your website’s content is only half the battle. Merging a huge pool of keywords into small groups to spread them across web pages in a clever way is a challenging task even for savvy marketers.

After all, there are some questions to think about:

  • How can I group keywords without wasting tons of time?
  • How can I make sure I do it the most efficient way possible?
  • Is there a chance I can do it all on auto-pilot?

And this is where Topvisor comes in. With the Topvisor Keyword Clustering tool, you can get a complete keyword structure for every page of your website in just a few clicks.

How To Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

Rely on Automated Algorithms

When it comes to working with large data, it’s always a good idea to rely on proven automated algorithms that leave zero chance for mistakes. The tricky thing about doing the whole job on your own is what you think might be the best page-by-page keyword structure for your website isn’t necessarily what Google thinks.

Topvisor Clustering Tool is fully automated and based on TOP-10 of the search engine results page. This means it doesn’t even think as you think, it thinks like Google and does it in a completely automated way.

Here how it goes:

  1. The tool will take your keywords, generate and send automated queries to search engines and then match web pages from search results for each keyword.
  2. If the search engine returns the same web pages for different keywords and there are several matches, they will be banded up together (clustered). The keyword with the highest search volume will become a group name.

How To Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

The tool will quickly show you a complete page-by-page keyword structure. The whole process won’t take more than 15 minutes, compared to at least one working day if you do it manually.

How To Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

Pick a Correct Location

Nearly every business targets a particular location, which is why it’s important to enrich your website with keyword relevant to the target location. And that’s where automated algorithms come in hand. Pick a region and the Clustering tool will keep in mind that you want to consider only a local SERP.

Create Keyword-Rich Pages

You are free to adjust how crowded keyword groups should be. You can set a clustering level, which is a minimum number of matches in TOP-10 of SERP required to trigger grouping of these keywords. Clustering with a high clustering level produces more groups with fewer keywords in every group.

How To Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

In Summary

So here we go. Keyword grouping is not a rocket science after all. Sign up for a free account here and get your top-notch keyword structure today.


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Segmenting Keywords Made Easy by Topvisor

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