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See Which Search Queries Trigger the “Install App” Button With Google Search Console

See Which Search Queries Trigger the “Install App” Button With Google Search Console

Google announced a change to Search Console today that will be of particular interest to webmasters with Android apps.

A new filter has been added to the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console, called Search Appearance. Within this view you can see which search queries caused Google to display the “install app” button for your website’s native app.

In addition, you can filter this information by country to see in what parts of the world your app is getting seen most in Google search.

It’s important to note that this filter is not capable of recording how many searchers actually went ahead and installed the app, it can only record how many times the “install app” button was seen.

According to Zineb Ait Bahajji on Twitter, this change will be rolled out worldwide to anyone using Search Console who also has a verified android app:

The information gained from this new filter can help web asters market their app more strategically based on how people are finding it in search.

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