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‘Secret’ Gmail Delete Mail Keyboard Shortcut

‘Secret’ Gmail Delete Mail Keyboard Shortcut

Amit Agarwal has unearthed the holy grail of keyboard shortcuts – the GMail email deletion shortcut.

There is a catch however, it only works using the Opera 9.1 Browser:

There does exist a keyboard shortcut for deleting email messages in GMail though Google never told you about that “secret key” – it’s called the “End” key that works perfect but only inside the Opera browser.

[Discovered this by accident when we hit the End key instead of the PageDown key and the email just disappeared with the message “The conversation has been moved to the Trash.” Eureka!]

Unfortunately, this GMail Delete keyboard shortcut cannot be used in Firefox or IE but with Opera 9.1, it just feels more productive when you can delete a message with the End key.

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