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Searching the Yahoo Shoposphere

Searching the Yahoo Shoposphere

One of my pet peeves about the Yahoo Shoposphere was that Yahoo! Shopping hid the search feature at the bottom of the page. Well, that’s changed. There’s now a prominent ’search pick lists’ field on the right side of the page and links to popular searches like digital camera, shoes, and women.

It’s a start, but more needs to be done. Once you’ve made a search, the pick list search field is still burried at the bottom of the page. It’s also a little confusing that the standard Yahoo! Shopping search field doesn’t search for pick lists (even though it does say ‘All of Shopping’). Also, the search results need to be refined as a search for ’shoes’ brought up the Best iPod Accessories pick list, Chris Saito’s Top Rated Car Seats, and the Mad Scientist Starter Kit – none of which mentioned shoes…just a couple thoughts for the Shoposphere team. In all, though, I’m seeing high quality pick lists (little spam) covering a wide variety of interests. Not a bad beginning.

I’ll follow up with Yahoo! Shopping this Tuesday/Wednesday to get an update on the Shoposphere and the start of the holiday shopping season.

Brian Smith is the Editor of Comparison Engines, a guide to the world of online comparison engines (shopping & travel). Through interviews with key players, guest commentary, case studies, analysis of news and events, and comparisons of features, readers will gain an in depth understanding of online comparison engines, a rapidly growing facet of online shopping.

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BrianSmith Comparison Engines

Brian Smith is the editor of Comparison Engines, a guide to the world of online comparison engines (shopping & travel). ...

Searching the Yahoo Shoposphere

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