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Brian Smith is the editor of Comparison Engines, a guide to the world of online comparison engines (shopping & travel). Through interviews with key players, guest commentary, case studies, analysis of news and events, and comparisons of features, readers will gain an in depth understanding of online comparison engines, a rapidly growing facet of online shopping.


After Yahoo! showed me their new site for the holiday season, I was pretty much underwhelmed. How could Yahoo! Shopping not introduce something incredibly bold...

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NexTag Shopping Itself to IAC? Yes, this rumor is in constant play, but considering David Lewis’ prescient comments on PriceGrabber/Experian back in June of last...

  • 2 min read
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Searching the Yahoo Shoposphere One of my pet peeves about the Yahoo Shoposphere was that Yahoo! Shopping hid the search feature at the bottom of...

  • 2 min read
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