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Searchfeed Proves Innovative in Paid Search

Searchfeed Proves Innovative in Paid Search

The conference floor at Search Engine Strategies is fairly cluttered with “2nd tier search engines” this year and a boatload of paid search providers. One of the smaller paid search companies which has lately been making some waves in search innovation and strategic partnerships is Searchfeed.

I stopped by the Searchfeed booth to discuss their latest partnership and upcoming offerings from Searchfeed. Tiffany Guarnaccia and Robert Carroll were present and we went over their offerings and their partnership with EffectiveBrand. Plus, they gave me a free pen.

The partnership offers a “build your own search toolbar” technology for webmasters who are looking to provide their own branded search toolbar to increase site visitor retention. Searchfeed, with a large base of paid search distribution webmaster partners, saw EffectiveBrand as a natural fit for expanding Searchfeed sponsored listings and boosting the amount of searches for their partners.

“The search-enabled toolbar application will allow users to view”s sponsored content,” says Robert Carroll, content distribution manager,” and will provide webmasters with an additional way to monetize Internet traffic, while further enhancing user experience.” More information on creating a Searchfeed powered toolbar.

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Searchfeed Proves Innovative in Paid Search

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