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  3. SEO Redefines Metasearch With Enhanced Personalization, a CNET Networks, Inc. property, today announced innovative personalization features that introduce users to a new level of control over both their search experience and their search results.

Search engines have become a fixture of the Internet experience. Internet searching ranks second only to email as a leading online activity in the U.S., with more than 88 percent of Internet users relying on search engines to research for work or school, or get information about products and services(1). With the sophistication of today’s search capabilities, users can be assured of relevant results when using top search and metasearch engines such as is the first search service that lets users easily adjust virtually every aspect of the site to create a completely customized experience. From creating their own signature site “look and feel,” to enhancing the relevance of their results based on specific needs and interests, shows users how today’s sophisticated Internet search experience can become even better. A simple guide to customized settings options can be viewed at

“Search has become one of the central tools of everyday life,” said Jason Fischel, CNET Networks’ vice president in charge of “People have come to expect convenience and relevance from today’s top engines. Our mission is to show users that, as satisfactory as their search experience is today, the simple-to-use personalization capabilities featured on can make the experience even more fulfilling.”

Metasearch engines like enable users to get prioritized results from across a number of leading search engines. has already differentiated itself within the metasearch category by clearly separating sponsored results from natural search results, whereas most others integrate the two, forcing users to recognize the distinction on their own.

With its new personalization features, is raising the bar even higher. Examples of the new “look and feel” features include the ability to select the site’s color palette, as well as display thumbnail pictures of Web pages next to their respective results links. New search relevance features include the ability to select from 18 specialized search categories, such as entertainment, downloads, news and media, employment, shopping, or games, and for general searches, the ability to choose the specific engines that contribute to results.

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