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Search Engines Are Talking Turkey!

turkey running

The biggest search event for Yahoo!Search, after this year’s Presidential elections in the US, is Thanksgiving, and Yahoo!Search is already talking Turkey. Since BOSS Geo, this is the search engine’s most “meaningful” update. To make a long story very, very short (as it deserves to be), Yahoo!Search is cooking up a collection of rich content “to get you inspired and organized for this year’s Turkey Day celebration.”

turkey running Yahoo! Search and Google are talking Turkey. Can you say it out loud? Gobble, gobble…

But Yahoo! Search is not the only search engine gone berzerk. At Google, things are smelling like turkey too… Under the title Thanksgiving gone Google, the dominating search engine reveals a one-stop Google holiday shop to get you through the week, as well as a new  recipe search feature, all accompanied by YouTube cooking videos. Feeling inspired yet?

What to expect next, aside Google doodles, and whatnots? Bing offers a free turkey for every search term (!); and other search engines align, to form the anti-Google turkey coalition. But seriously now…

If power search engines like Google (and Yahoo! Search?) capitalize on one of the USA’s most beloved holidays, shouldn’t you do the same? Most online marketers do, and you have to cope. You may not be Martha Stewart (apparently Yahoo!’s favorite source for Thanksgiving Recipes), but there are still ways to take advantage of the trend.

Do you have a Thanksgiving related press release? Get it out now, and use the social media to spread the word. Maybe you decide to organize a survey? Anything goes – it may not be (yet) the season to be jolly, but according to Yahoo! Search and Google, this is definitely the season to be turkey? Are you gobble, gobbling yet? (pun intended)

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Search Engines Are Talking Turkey!

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