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Search Ranking for Tech Support & Error Message Search Queries

Search Ranking for Tech Support & Error Message Search Queries

Search queries on Google and other search engines for informational terms dealing with “tech support”, “how to…” and “trouble shooting” have been constant and traffic driving queries for years and are ripe for the picking for those who can fully optimize for them.

Sites like eHow and WikiHow have been capitalizing on this space for some time now, with indepth articles (paired with AdSense or Lead Generation Ads), tackling most of the “How To” terms used by searchers.

But what about when a *new* informational query phrase occurs? There seems to be even more room to conquer the serps with new tech support oriented terms in Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Vista.

Matthew at wrote an interesting account today about ranking for the common tech support oriented term Access Files Located on an ‘Untrusted Site’ on his design blog.

Almost a year ago I ran into a problem with an Access database. I eventually realized the problem was with an Internet Explorer setting (of all things) so I wrote a short 100 word post about it called Access Files Located on an “Untrusted Site” and moved on with my life.

Lo and behold, over the course of a few weeks my post slowly rose in the ranks of Google searches.

As of today, it’s on the first page of results for a variety of searches related to Access and “untrusted site” error messages. The post receives new and unique visitors each day from search engines. I’ve since gone on to write a number of posts containing tech support solutions that now account for about 40% of my incoming traffic.

For an example, try searching for “untrusted site error” on Google and you’ll see Matthew’s blog entry at #1.

So, if you’re bewildered by some of the errors that your PC or some type of software is handing you, turn that frustration into some traffic and revenue generating material by making a blog post about it from a somewhat relevant or authority blog. Heck, a great place to begin is the Microsoft Support website.

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Search Ranking for Tech Support & Error Message Search Queries

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