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Search With “Ok Google” From Any Screen On Your Android Device

Google Expands Indexing Of Android App Content In Search Results

Google recently announced, via the Official Google Search blog, that Android users will now be able to conduct a voice search using the “Ok Google” command from any screen.

Whenever the screen is on, or your Android device is charging, simply say “Ok Google” to trigger a voice search.

If you’re reading your email, browsing the web or using any app that doesn’t actively use the microphone, saying “Ok Google” will get you the answers you need and let you take actions like set an alarm or call a friend.

If you’re planning an upcoming trip on your device, and want to know what the weather is going to be like when you reach your destination, just say “Ok Google, what is the weather in San Francisco?” and Google will bring up the weather forecast.

This feature will work most Android devices running KitKat, as long as you have you have the updated Google Search app to version 3.5.

Once your operating system and software is up to date, find the “Google Settings” icon and go to:

Google Settings -> Search & Now -> Voice -> “Ok Google” Detection and check “From any screen”. Or, if you want, you could set it to activate Google Search even when your device is locked by enabling the “From lock screen” option.

When you have activated the feature, you’ll be prompted to turn on Audio History and then say “Ok Google” 3 times. This is so Google will better recognize your voice.

“Ok Google” from any screen will be rolling out on most Android devices running KitKat over the next week, and will initially be available in the US for English speakers.

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Search With “Ok Google” From Any Screen On Your Android Device

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