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Search Marketing Pumps Yahoo Earnings

Search Marketing Pumps Yahoo Earnings

Well, its the end of a quarter again and time to hear how much money all the big industry leaders have pulled in over the past 3 months. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask will all be spilling their guts on how much search marketing and advertising drove their profits through the roof one more time. It is almost predictable that we’ll hear the same stories we did last quarter, making us wish that there were more interesting stock holders earnings reports… like Looksmart getting dropped from NASDAQ!

But wait a second. This is Search Engine Marketing! You know.. Paid Search, SEO, Links, Text Ads, Paid Inclusion, Local Search, Maps, Portals, Blogs and Podcasts. This is a serious multi-billion dollar industry.

What’s even better than that is the grand-pappy of all paid search, Yahoo Search Marketing, is kicking royal behind when it comes to revenue generation and competing with Google. Yes, the Godfather of the paid link, Y!SM was pimping sponsored listings as long ago. Things have changed since those days of one cent clicks, but Bid Jamming is still alive and well and fueling the Yahoo Media Empire.

Yahoo beat Wall Street expectations this week with its third quarter results, posting a 47 percent increase in revenues at $1.33 billion. Yahoo said net revenue for the quarter ending September, excluding traffic acquisition costs was up 42 percent at $932 Million. Traffic acquisition costs are the revenues that Yahoo shares with hundreds of Yahoo’s advertising partners.

$932 Million in revenue from search advertising and partners and the Yahoo Publisher Network, their answer to Google AdSense, is not even up and running yet at full blast. Granted that Yahoo will see some fallout when MSN ADCenter goes 100% live, but the way things are rolling right now, and with YPN growing, that MSN revenue might not too well missed for long.

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Search Marketing Pumps Yahoo Earnings

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