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Search Marketing Certification from SEJ & Market Motive

We are happy to announce today that Search Engine Journal is now offering search marketing certification courses in partnership with Market Motive. This new partnership is one of many steps to bring Search Engine Journal approved training, tools and services to our SEJ readers and friends.

SEJ & Market Motive are 100% online courses for certification in search marketing, SEO and link building which are priced from $299 to $3500 and are taught by all star and experienced search marketing faculty – some of whom contribute here from time to time at SEJ.

All-Star Faculty

SEJ Search Marketing Certification is also offering yearly and monthly learning plans where members have unlimited access to streaming video classes, weekly webinar-style workshops with other students and self-paced certification courses in all search marketing topics.

This is not just perfect for training your staff, but one important aspect of accellerating your career should be forms of search certification, especially as the market gets more and more competitive with the amount of shrinking opportunities and the demand of those needing to land a job or promotion in the world of SEO, online marketing or paid search management.

(Search & Social / SEJ likes these courses so much that we’re even having some of our staffers like Joanna Batten take these courses for Search Marketing certification and web analytics training.)

For the serious marketer, apply now for the September 14 Master Certification Course. This $3500 program includes 90 days of intensive interaction and study with the “Dream Team” internet marketing faculty covering SEO, PPC , Web Analytics, and Social Media Marketing.

There are only 3 days left to apply, so the time to take action is now.

Coupon Codes:

To kick off our new SEJ Market Motive Search Marketing Certification courses, we are offering several coupons just for our loyal SEJ Readers:

  1. SEJMC1K9 $2500 ($1000-off) Master Certification Course in SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, or Social Media Marketing. 90-day course starts September 14. Start now for early access to classes.
  2. SEJPC99M $99 ($200 off) for first month of continuous training. Subsequent months are automatically billed at $299. Cancel anytime.

Enter your coupon at the bottom of the final checkout page for an adjustment in your tuition.

Current Members Share:

“With the Master Certification, I was able to improve my job performance, and clout within the business community. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about being a real player in this industry.”

— Mark Bietz , Online Marketing Manager, Rasmussen College. January 2009 Certified Web Analytics Master

“These programs offer a great opportunity to expand your skills into other areas or increase credibility in your current profession. I highly recommend the program.”
— Jennifer Day , Sr Solutions Architect, Coremetrics, Certified Online PR Master, January 2009.

“Use the faculty professors. They are extremely open to questions if you are proactive. One of them even gave me his cell phone and invited to call him in the weekend if I had questions!”
–Certified Paid Search and Web Analytics Master, Andres Snitcofsky of Di Paola | WPP

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Search Marketing Certification from SEJ & Market Motive

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