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Search Marketing Campaign & Project Management in the Latin Market

Session on Search Marketing Campaign & Project Management in the Latin Market. This session is moderated by Nacho Hernandez of iHispanic, which is a major sponsor of Search Engine Strategies Latino / Miami.

Challenges included in managing SEM campaigns in the Latin market include translation, managing local sites and cross lingual bidding tools.

Paul D. Saffery of SilverDisc Chile Limitada

Paul, out of Chile is the first to speak on PPC account management for clients. Paul discusses Account Setup Management and the ongoing management of structural account changes.

Is there enough search volume for a term or client? “I like fishing, I want to fish where there are more fish in the river. If I get to the river and there are no fishermen it can mean two things. First, I’m the first one! Yeah! Or secondly, there are not enough fish to justify fishing in this river.

Paul helps the audience by giving tips on which pages of the site to include in a Search Marketing campaign by :

  • Identifying pages based upon popularity and being ‘near’ the conversion page.
  • Making sure targeted pages are fresh, prices are up to date and lastly, make sure the pages are usable.
  • Make sure that the ad is in the same language as the landing page.

Basics of Searh Marketing:

  • Choose targeted keywords.
  • Track user paths on the site.
  • Measure sales which result from the keyterms.

Keep sets of ad groups into campaigns:

  • Share daily budget
  • Shared target networks
  • Shared languages

Bid Management :

  • Indentify Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Identify the areas of the accounts which have the highest impact on KPI
  • If you use a bidding tool, choose one which allows to tune KPI in real time
  • Choose a bidding tool which keeps track of API usage costs

Keep an eye on your competition to see what changes they are making, including your competition’s ranking, volume of impressiosn and watch your click thru rate; if it drops your competition’s ad copy is probably more compelling than yours.

Monitoring client website changes :

  • Wait for client to inform us (never happens)
  • Monitor feeds which contain content and structure of the site.
  • Crawl and compare changes made on the site.

Martin Gallone, Marketing Manager of MercadoLibre

Martin divides the presentation into two parts; the paid search process and the organic search strategy of MercadoLibre. MercadoLibre’s online marketing mix has 6 channels:

  • Portals
  • Affiliates
  • Products
  • Paid Search
  • Direct
  • Onsite

Paid Search’s objective is to increase qualified traffic to the site which will lead to transactions. # steps in the process include : keyword generation, trafficking (landing pages, bid management) and optimization (ROI).

In terms of keyword generation; What are qualified users looking for?

  • MercadoLibre first looks at internal data… what are users searching for on the site itself, including listings and common errors. Electronics and computer categories include many products in English which many users in Latin America may not know how to spell, mispellings are a large part of the internal identification process.
  • External information : product launches per country, news and trends, seasonal items and localization.
  • Validate that the keywords respect the MercadoLibre, local and trademark policies.

Steps for setting up campaign:

  • Targeting : Local and Language
  • Match Type : Keyword & AdGroup
  • Creativity : Price Point & Keyword Insertion
  • Landing Page : Home page, category pages, listings, searches, guide pages, product pages or promotions
  • Bid Management : Position target, ROI taregt, CPC target

Different Keyword Targets & Scenarios:

  • Position Targets : Branding & Strategic Keywords
  • ROI Target : ROI one can achieve for each keyword; 90% of keywords
  • CPC : Classified categories, increase traffic

Optimization of Campaign:
If we can measure it, we can fix it.

  • If keyword achieves objective : expand campaign
  • If keyword does not work : optimize copy, landing page, CPC, continued testing
  • Keywords and behavior are always changing, so optimization does not stop

Frank Watson (AussieWebmaster) of FXCM Forex Currencies Trading also speaks on setting up a key performing search marketing team.

Alexi Huntley of NatureAir discusses search marketing in the travel and tourism industry in Costa Rica.

My apologies but my laptop’s battery is running out so I will update the post later in the day with excerpts from others covering the session.

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Search Marketing Campaign & Project Management in the Latin Market

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