How to Search Images by Similarity

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How to Search Images by Similarity

Searching for your favorite or any popular website online is fairly easy; you type in a few relevant keywords, and up pops a host list of sites from which to choose. This is pretty easy and straightforward, but what about those times when it’s not a keyword that you’re looking for, but more of an image that you need to find?

In lieu of multiple search engines for keywords, there are also other creative ways that you can choose to search sites based on similarity through images rather than keywords. Most of them may require a special download tool, while others may be simply plugging in the URL of the image or accessing it directly from your computer’s hard-drive and plugging it into the image search engine area.

This feature or ability to search images comes in very handy in several instances including:

When you want to find instances of image violations from someone who has used your image without express permission. Plugging in the original image may yield results of violation.
To glean or spark creative ideas in your own designs and projects. Seeing an image close to what you’re visualizing may help you design an entirely new product!

When you can’t think of the words, but you can definitely visualize a picture or an image. Image search engines can help significantly in this area.

There are numerous color-based image search engines that users can employ to find what they’re looking for and what other sites may have the image they are seeking. This sophisticated system of image searching can do several things to return the desirable searches to the user.


This is a craftily-developed tool that looks for images that are exactly like your search request. This is very appropriate for those instances when copyright issues are called into question. It’s also a great tool for finding those photographic images of your site, whether personal pictures of your family or professional images you created, that you may not want circulating over the Internet.

BYO Image Search Lab

Whether users are using an image from their own computer’s or from an URL online, BYO Image Search can enter this information into the image search engine to locate relevant matches. The image search engine will produce a set of similar pictures based on the color symmetry and will also prioritize the results according to the form and theme similarity.


Other search engine tools can use a similarity match that will send out spiders across the web to locate and return images that are similar to the initially introduced image. Often, the results come from any distinct lines and shapes that are in the original image and come very close to matching the picture perfectly.

These tools are very helpful in locating images across the Internet for use in different ways. Applying the tools in an effective way can yield the best results, meaning that it’s important to be as accurate as possible when pitching queries. Use the tools accurately for favorable results.

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