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Search Engines Presenting at CES

There are dozens of trade shows showing off electronics each year — hundreds, even, if your standards for what qualify are broad enough. However, there are no shows quite as big as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve been mentioning CES in our entries, especially speculative ones, for quite some time. Now, however, the show has officially begun and our lineup of products has moved out of the land of pure speculation.

We get an excellent rundown on what’s being officially reported so far at CES thanks to the Seattle Times. In their report, they discuss prominent items to be seen at the show from the 2,500+ companies that will be present.

While the details of the show are now official and members of the press have been able to get a taste for what the show has in store, the more than 100,000 other visitors to the show will start their tour on Thursday, January 6th, after Microsoft gives their keynote address to launch the event.

Here are some items of note from key players in the search engine industry:

* Microsoft is launching into the tablet industry, announcing its upcoming spearhead into the field at CES.
* Two heaping scoops of Android tablets will be showcased, including several featuring the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) OS.
* Google TV will have some (although not as many as originally slated) devices to show off.
* Microsoft will be presenting their own lightweight in the web TV field.
* A number of new Android smartphones from several different manufacturers are anticipated.
* Microsoft is expected to release details on its ARM-oriented mobile OS.

We will continue to bring you news as the show continues and official presentations and announcements are given. Considering the scale of the event, there should be no shortage on items to report.

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Search Engines Presenting at CES

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