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Search Engines Open Up With Blogs

Search Engines Open Up With Blogs

Search Engines Open Up With Blogs

You can’t look very far online without seeing a weblog, or blog. They’re increasing in popularity and many companies are starting to use them to communicate with their customers about latest projects or new products in a “human voice.”

The major search engines have taken hold of this new technology with a vengeance and many have launched their own blogs. This is really a great way to keep up with their latest comings and goings.

MSN Blog – Everything you want to know about MSN Search and its latest projects. A lot is written on their Search Engine coming out of beta and where you can submit your link. MSN also references some of their favorite blogs. An XML Syndication feed is available at the site as well.

Yahoo Blog – As stated on their blog, this is a look inside the world of search. Yahoo’s blog doesn’t seem to center on itself as much as it does on a variety of search related topics. Recent entries are posted at the top of the blog so you can see at a glance what’s new. Like MSN they also include links to other highly regarded blogs. Various department employees are responsible for the numerous postings.

Google’s Blog – Google’s blog is all about (what else?) all things Google. All of their latest projects such as Google Maps,Image Search, Adwords, Google Video and much more. If you’re addicted to Google and its by products, you’ll want to bookmark this one. Postings are made by a variety of employees, ranging from software engineers to product managers.

Ask Jeeves Blog – You know how all these years you thought the Ask Jeeves guy was some tight lipped butler? I hate to burst your bubble, but he’s “coming out” (so to speak) on their new blog, and his real name is Kaushal Kurapati. He states that while he will do most of the blog postings there will be various other contributors as well. Comments run the gamut from their office decor to Firefox’s browser and even Ask Jeeve’s recent purchase of Bloglines.

Since blogging involves daily or sometimes weekly postings, it’s a great way to get the updated scoop on your favorite search engines. If it’s too much trouble to visit their websites you can always grab
their feeds and add them to your favorite news reader. Your friends will be impressed when you know the latest “skinny” on their favorite engine, and where you got the information will be your “little secret.”

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Search Engines Open Up With Blogs

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