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Search Engine Roundtable : Best Search Conference Coverage of 2007

We see them at every search marketing conference, those busy bee bloggers, taking up the whole front row and fighting over power outlets, typing away and taking snapshots while the rest of us are trying to pay attention to the discussion.

They’re the first ones in the conference halls, even skipping breakfast or lunch to get a good seat, sacrificing their nutritional needs to get the scoop or quote which will get them on Sphinn and lots of links; turning a search conference into something like a White House Press Conference.

And we love them for their hard work because when we get home from SES or SMX and check our notes, we realize we didn’t get everything… and they did!

Barry Schwartz, Tamar Weinberg, Lisa Barone, David Dalka, Lee Odden & the wonderful TopRank team and Marty Weintraub have given much to the search industry in their tireless coverage, and it’s time for us to give back.

Nominees for the Best Search Conference Coverage of 2007 were :

And the winner is …. Search Engine Roundtable!!

With the most votes and the highest ratings, Search Engine Roundtable took this category to school! Thanks to the SER crew, and all bloggers who cover the search, publishing and advertising conferences .. you keep us tuned in when we cannot leave our desks.

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Search Engine Roundtable : Best Search Conference Coverage of 2007

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