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Search Engine Optimized CMS – Site Position and Hot Banana Partner

Hot Banana Software Inc., a Web Content Management System (CMS) company, and SitePosition, a search marketing agency, today announced a partnership to co-market Hot Banana, a new generation Web Content Management System, built from the ground up in harmony with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

Unlike earlier forms of CMS, Hot Banana presents no technological barriers to full search engine optimization, search engine indexing, and the development of positive organic search performance. Websites with content that has previously been inaccessible to search engine spiders, due to Macromedia’s Flash!, or dynamic or database-driven content, can now easily admit search engine spiders and crawlers to access all publicly-available web content, no matter how deep. Hot Banana’s ability to parse and index all existing and updated web content, information and data enables any website to achieve the all-important balance between organic search engine rankings and a paid-ranking strategy with all the leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

With Hot Banana, marketing professionals will be able to take full control of their Web content and properly leverage their Internet marketing programs and campaigns to ensure the corporate Web site is a 24/7 sales tool.

The latest version of Hot Banana is designed with the non-technical user in mind. Hot Banana is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, feature-rich Web Content Management System, which allows organizations to develop a sophisticated Web presence on the Internet, or on Extranets and Intranets, or to create campaign micro-sites, and then fully leverage the content so that Internet sales, marketing promotions and campaigns are fully optimized.

Hot Banana was conceived and built to provide a powerful SEO-centric marketing tool, with a broad selection of integrated e-marketing solutions. For example, the Hot Banana 360 Degree Marketing Bundle gives complete hands-on control of Internet marketing initiatives, and comprises a Campaign Manager, Search Engine Referral Tracking & Reporting, Search Engine Landing Pages Manager, Email Signature Tool, and Communicator Advanced. Hot Banana has a built-in on-line marketer’s toolbox. The program’s analytics integration, together with Advanced Reporting and Page View & Site Search Reporting, gives unprecedented CMS control of on-line marketing campaigns.

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Search Engine Optimized CMS – Site Position and Hot Banana Partner

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