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Search Engine Optimization Book Offered Free to Charities

Aaron Wall has made his recently revised best selling SEO Book available to charities free of charge.

Hiring a quality search engine optimization firm can often cost thousands and thousands of dollars, which is well beyond the budget of many charities.

Without proper placement in search engines people who want to help your charity may not be able to find you.

The SEO Book is a simple and straightforward guide which helps even the most novice webmaster learn how to promote their website.

“In a field like Internet marketing, where so much nonsense dispensed by self-proclaimed experts passes for decent advice, it is refreshing to find a talent as down-to-earth and unpretentious as Aaron, who just seems to get a kick out of being honest and helping other people avoid the traps and dead ends set by the hype-meisters and snake oil salesmen.”
– Mario Sanchez, “The Internet Digest”

Search engine optimization is a complicated industry filled with confusion and error. Much of the applicable information changes from month to month or year to year and much of the available information on the web is outdated or absolutely incorrect. The SEO Book is published in ebook format so that it is constantly revised to keep current with the ever changing SEO field.

If you are the webmaster of a charity, church, educational institution, or open source software site feel free to inquire about acquiring your complimentary copy of The SEO Book today at .

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Search Engine Optimization Book Offered Free to Charities

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