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Search Engine News- PPC’s on the Move

With all of the rumors going around about Yahoo! possibly buying out Overture and MSN targeting FindWhat or Kanoodle paid search listings, ValueClick just slipped through the cracks in a whisper of the night and bought out medium tier paid listings search solution

PPC search listings are proven to show conversion results for advertisers and we are seeing a definite shift to this style of relevant online promotion and search engine marketing.

This all may be leading to an all out repositioning of the paid search companies. Competing search entities and ad networks are battling to stay alive and catch up to such innovative solutions as Google Adwords, Google Content Adwords, Sprinks, Overture and LookSmart Listings.

This may have the following PPC Search Solutions lining up on the selling/acquisition block:

However, such entities may be regrouping and in a ripe position to take on the giants with an offensive charge of their own.

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Search Engine News- PPC’s on the Move

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